A couple of introductions

February 08, 2006

We have just had the first break in play. Fifteen minutes for every two hours around the felt. It’s not long, but it’s enough to catch up with another handful of qualifiers. It’s good to get to know them while nobody else does. Give it a couple of days, a few hundred thousand chips and everyone’s going to want to know their name.

Here’s Alex Bowler.

Alex Bowler

This is his second appearance as a PokerStars qualifier on the EPT, having been so near but yet so far in Barcelona last year. He went out 33rd from a field of 327, where 27 got paid. So far he’s had pocket kings cracked by a suited eight-four that rivered the flush. He’s back up to 10,775 now, so let’s hope that’s the last of the bad beats.

Here we have another couple of FPP qualifiers, over from the United States to sit next to one another in France.

George Baldwin and Daniel Nelson

On the left is George Baldwin from New York City, next to Daniel Nelson from Longmont, Colorado.

Incidentally, the current number of registered players is 417, with 209 beginning today. Of those, 190 remain. We will have full chip counts at 6pm.

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