abra1304 cadabras his way to TPL win

March 29, 2011


“abra1304” came out on top of the smaller than usual field this week. 875 players turned out for this week’s Twitter Poker League game, my guess is that everyone else was busy with the huge inaugural Sunday Storm. Besting nearly 900 players is no easy feat, so let’s see how it all went down.

As usual this season last week’s top four were nominated for bounties this week, “Mj500”, “DjuK_67”, “Zucceroo” and last week’s winner “RomakaNN” all had a 300FPP price put on their heads. “Mj500” was knocked out in 278th and “DjuK_67” followed immediately after him in 277th. Last week’s winner “RomkaNN” was out in 68th when his 10♠10♥ into the A♠A♦ of under the gun raiser “Gleo27”. This meant that “Zucceroo” was the last bounty player standing, very short he shoved first to act with A♥4♠ and ended up getting it in as a flip vs. “Arvira” who held K♣Q♣, the flop came with a 4♥ putting him ahead but a Q♠ on the turn had him drawing thin, and the river 7♦ was of no help. He was out in 27th, with top 4 finishes last week and another 5 points each this week “RomkaNN” and “Zucceroo” are no doubt high up on the season leaderboard.

Now down to the final three tables it wasn’t long before we had the last nine players shuffling into their new seats around the final table.

6 4 FT.PNG

Twitter Poker League regular “rivermenow” (@zelljrc) had snuck onto the final table as one of the shortest stacks, stark contrast to “bandita747” who lead the table with 360k. I almost want to cover every hand of this final table, after all there were only 37 hands played, from the first elimination to the last. Easily making this final table the fastest yet, and I feel like I say something like that each week! That first elimination was “Masstiff” who shoved his small ace A♣3♠ into the big blind “KENEK1982” who called the small portion of his chipstack with 7♠6♠, the board ran out 7♥5♦9♠ 2♠ 6♣ giving “KENEK1982” two pair.

8th place this week went to short stack DRRmind just two hands later, his 10♠2♠ unable to best the small blind’s A♦5♥. A few hands later we had an action packed hand, between the previously quiet “ICEMANOMAD” and two of the big stacks “bandita747” and “KENEK1982. They held K♣J♥, A♥A♦ and 10♥10♠ respectively and this is how it all turned out.

6 4 double.PNG

That double elimination left us with just five players and “bandita747” with a monster chipstack. “abra1304” got caught red handed overbetting as a bluff, shoving K♣9♥ on the 4♠Q♥J♥ flop, and was snap called by “bandita747” who held A♣Q♠, luckily for him the turn brought the 10♣ and he caught a miracle double up. “Arvira” has his run of bad luck when he got it in on the J♣3♠7♥ flop as a huge favourite with [A][J] vs. the [J][T] of “bandita747” but the turn brought a gut wrenching 10♦ for him to knock him out in 5th.

Four-handed play lasted but 2 hands as short stacked “Towei” shoved Q♥6♣ into the 10♦10♠ of “bandita747” the tens held up and “Towei” left in 4th and “rivermenow” was handed an easy 3rd place spot. He was also soon out when his A♦6♣ re-shove lost to the 8♣7♥ of “bandita747” who was beginning to seem unstoppable. However heads up play proved otherwise as “abra1304″got lucky with K♠5♠ vs. the A♠10♦ when the board ran out 4♣9♠5♣ Q♥ 8♣ giving him a 5:1 chip advantage. It wasn’t hard for “abra1304” to wrap things up from that point on and he took home the win, the 20 leaderboard points and of course $157.85.

We are half way through this season of the Twitter Poker League, it is still a fairly even playing field anyone still has a shot at winning and claiming that $700 Step 5 ticket! Next week’s game is open for registration already; you can find it easily by using the tourney ID: 368741642.


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