Ambrose Travers keeps the poker party going

May 03, 2019inPoker

Three months ago Ambrose Travers was in the Bahamas. He and a group of friends were there to cheer on Darren Millar as the latter lived out his Platinum Pass dream in the PSPC. It was such a good time that nobody wanted the party to end.

Now Travers is playing on Day 4 of the EPT Monte Carlo event, where he is one of just 30 players remaining. It’s something of a sequel to the PSPC festivities: while Travers battles with Sam Greenwood and Nicolas Chouity on the TV table, Millar and some of the same friends that cheered him on are here rooting for Travers.

“They’re the best friends in the world, they are,” he told PokerStars Blog this afternoon. “Darren did so well in the Bahamas, we couldn’t wait to get back home to get to the next tournament. PokerStars ran such a marvelous party there, we says, ‘What’s the next big event?’ The next big event was this one.”

So he jumped into a €5.50 satellite. Six hours later, after winning that first satellite and then the €55 and €530 qualifiers that it fed into, he’d earned himself a package to play in Monte Carlo.

“I came over here to play with the best players in the world, in the best place in the world,” he said. “I thought it would be great to get a min-cash. And now here’s 30 left out of 900.”

Travers says he doesn’t have any expectations from this point onward. But to make the final table would surely be something special, wouldn’t it?

“Oh!” he says, grabbing his chest and beaming a huge grin. “Heart-stopping. It would be absolutely heart-stopping.”


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