Answers to some common PokerStars questions

November 28, 2019inPoker

Did you know that you can usually find solutions to things like password changes, or answers to deposit and cash out questions, just a few clicks away on our website?

There’s a lot you can find out much faster than you thought. And that means you get to resolve any issue you might have with your account, without needing to contact our support team and wait for a response.

And if you do need to submit a web contact support form, it’ll be directed to the right team more efficiently. And that helps us to respond much more quickly.

Check out what information is available in the links below. It should help get you playing again as soon as possible.

Answers to common questions

Got a query about a deposit or cash out? Or how you make them? Click here for the information you will need, as well as information on things like the various payment methods you can use.

If you’ve got a query about PokerStars Live events, you’ll find answers here. They include things like when and where tournaments will be, how to win a Platinum Pass to the PSPC, or simply how to get a PS Live card.

If you want to know more about play money chips, or how to get more, you’ll find that information here. You’ll also find details of play money bonuses and top up options.

If you have a poker question, there’s an extensive list of answers here. You’ll find more on things like the different types of tournaments on PokerStars, how to access your hand histories, or more basic information like card rankings and the rules of the game.

There are regular bonuses and promotions to enjoy when playing on PokerStars. So, if you’re interested in finding out about deposit bonuses, opting in for challenges, or using free tournament tickets, you’ll find that here.

You can also find out more about things like Stars Coin, Stars Rewards freerolls, and more, by visiting this page.

For help with account issues relating to passwords, pin numbers or security questions – such as an RSA token or email validation — then this page will help.

You’ll also find more on queries like changing your username, address, or making real money transfers.

If you’re experiencing technical problems like error codes, disconnections or time outs, you find answers to those queries here.

Finally, if your query is not related to poker at all, you can find a list of casino related questions by clicking here.

The same goes for Sportsbook. If you’re looking for answers to a sportsbook related question, you’ll find those here.

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