ANZPT6 Melbourne Day 2: Sunday mornings

August 31, 2014

Melbourne is Sunday mornings.

A strong coffee or brunch at one of the world-class cafes.

A casual stroll along the beach or perhaps a walk with a quicker tempo around the “Tan”.

Or perhaps a visit to the markets along St.Kilda Esplanade.

Technically we’re still in Winter. At least for one more day. But the weather reads a sunny 20 degrees which we’ll take for a Winter’s day any day.


The St.Kilda Esplanade markets

However for 179 of our ANZPT Melbourne players, the weather is perfect for nothing else but poker. We hope they enjoyed a lazy Sunday morning because once the clock ticks over to 12:30pm, they’ll need their game faces on. It’s moving day here at the ANZPT Melbourne.

The first goal for our players today will be to reach the money stage. That will all unfold once we reach the final 63 players. There are sure to be some nervous moments as no one wants to play for two days to be the one to bubble the $3,100 min-cash.

We’ll be playing nine levels today, and the number crunchers tell us that will probably get us down to around 30 or so players by the end of the day. We could power through to the final table, but well, there are important things like player parties that get in the way of that. But it will leave us with a long day on Monday to crown our eventual champion.

Starting today the clear chip leader is Vincent Chua who stretched us into overtime yesterday with a remarkable hand to end the day. Chua’s loose-aggressive image induced a big river call and when Chua tabled a straight he found himself bagging up 210,100 in chips. That’s easily enough for the chip lead here at the start of play.


Chua will be hoping that will be enough to carry him deep into this tournament but there are so many sharks lurking in these waters. Joe Hachem, Tristan Bain, Anthony Aston, Matt Wakeman, Liam O’Rourke, Daniel Botta, Jackie Glazier and Team PokerStars Pro Bryan Huang are just some of the big names still in contention.

You get the feeling whatever happens today, we’re going to have a stellar line up coming back for the final day of play tomorrow.

Stick with the PokerStars Blog throughout the day for stories beyond the felt while the crew at PokerNews provide the live hand action from the tables of the Crown Poker Room as Day 2 of the record-setting ANZPT Melbourne Main Event gets underway.

Heath “TassieDevil” Chick is a Freelance Contributor for the PokerStars Blog.


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