ANZPT7 Perth Day 4: Four more fall flat

February 15, 2015

It started as a relatively slow final table, but after our sixth place bust out, three more players hit the rail in rapid succession.

After around six hours of play, Raiden Kan was the next to go. When Michael Kane opened under the gun for 50,000, Kan moved his last 247,000 into the middle to put his tournament life at risk. Kane made a quick call with A♦J♥ and it was a flip against Kan’s 7♠7♣.

When the flop came A♥3♠3♣ Kan was already out of his seat. With the 5♣ on the turn he was heading to the exit and the river 10♦ rolled off to see him eliminated in sixth place. Kan collects $20,200 and adds to his Aussie Millions scores this year.


Raiden Kan – Sixth place

Shortly after Kan’s exit, Michael Guzzardi caught a bad beat to bust him in fifth. It was folded around to Guzzardi in the small blind and he popped it up to 50,000. Michael Doyle looked down at A♥J♥ and moved all in over the top.

Guzzardi called with K♣K♦ and would see a double if he could fade the danger. The window card was an ace on the 7♠4♠A♣ and Guzzardi was all but out the door. The turn 9♦ and the river 6♠ couldn’t help him and he was eliminated in fifth place for $25,500.


Michael Guzzardi – Fifth place

The players had a 30-minute dinner break and in one of the first hands back, Navin Bechar found himself on the rail in fourth place. After an open to 70,000 from Steve McHugh, Bechar three-bet jammed from the button for 445,000 in chips.

McHugh made the call with A♦10♦ and Bechar tabled 2♥2♦ to reveal it was another coinflip. The flop of 6♦A♣6♣ saw Bechar in rough shape and the turn A♠ rolled off to seal his fate. The river 2♣ gave him deuces full but it was too little too late. He collected $31,000 for his efforts.


Navin Bechar – Fourth place

And then there were three. That was, of course, until Michael Doyle made an ill-timed turn jam into Michael Kane. On a board of 2♦3♦Q♦2♥ Doyle pushed his short stack in with Q♣7♣ and was snapped by Kane with K♦2♣.

The river failed to help Doyle and he busted in third place for $37,000.


Michael Doyle – Third place

It was down to heads up, and after initially deciding to play it out, Kane opted to check the ICM numbers right before play resumed. He discussed a deal with McHugh, who got his wife on the phone to help him deliberate on the chop.

After receiving the green light from his other half, McHugh agreed to an ICM deal that left $20,000 to play for. This means he has locked up $72,100, and Kane with the chip advantage claimed $78,900.

Heads up play has just resumed with Kane on a stack of 2,200,000, and McHugh trailing behind with 1,475,000. An ANZPT Main Event crown will be awarded here soon. Stay locked in with us at PokerStarsBlog to catch the action!


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