ANZPT7 Sydney Day 1B: Double dare

March 20, 2015

Poker players are known for enjoying the thrill of the gamble. If there’s not enough action going down on the poker table, then they’ll create some side action to spice things up a bit. Sometimes it’s sports betting, sometime they’ll swap percentages, and other times they’ll make silly prop bets against each other. Sometimes for money. Sometimes just for fun.

And when those silly prop bets result in some…well…unique attire at the poker table, then that gives us something to write about!

Enter Dean Blatt.


Dean is wearing auntie’s lovely lavender wide-brimmed hat. Perfect for strolling along the beach, enjoying a warm summer breeze, or perhaps an afternoon of tending to the garden.

Hats are common place at the poker table, but Dean’s choice of headwear does seem a little excessively-UV-conscious for inside a casino so we decided to find out some details. The answer ended up being somewhat obvious.

“Yeah, I lost a side bet,” stated Blatt blankly.

We needed more info.

“Rory Young and I had a side bet in the six-max event. First to 50k,” added Blatt.

And while the answer of who won the side bet appeared obvious, it became a little more confusing when we noticed what Rory was wearing today.


Ideal for a summer’s day, Rory’s airy mauve cardigan provides a level of elegance and sophistication rarely see at the poker table, and can even double as a table cloth at the dinner break.

“I think Rory pulls it off better than me,” said Blatt. That much may be true, but was there actually a bet here or was it just an excuse for both of these guys to get in touch with their feminine side?

“I lost the bet,” explained Blatt. “But I only busted four off the money. So I won the last longer but still lost the bet!”

It turns out that Rory’s attire today was belatedly paying up for a previous side bet made at another tournament. Now the two have finally squared the ledger.

However it seems that the new garb isn’t affecting their poker games at all with both players gathering plenty of chips on Day 1b of the ANZPT Sydney Main Event. Young in particular is going well after a fortunate river card fell his way. He was all in with a set of threes on a board of A♦8♦3♣9♦ against an opponent who held a flush with Q♦10♦, but Young filled up on the river with the 8♣ giving him the double up. The WSOP APAC bracelet winner be hoping to better his fifth place finish from this event last year.

A short time ago the Day 1b field had climbed to 255 entrants with 215 remaining.

Only two of them wearing mauve. It should make for a very pretty winner’s shot.


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