ANZPT7 Sydney Day 1B: Tollgate’s wave of success

March 20, 2015

Poker is a game of such variance that with the Earth-shattering lows can sometimes come highs beyond your wildest imagination.

Winning a poker tournament is not easy. But how about winning two on the very same day? How about doing it against fields of thousands of players on the biggest day in online poker history?

It’s a thought that’s beyond our wildest dreams, but just one week ago, that dream was reality for one of the most popular players on the Australian poker circuit – Tom “tollgate” Grigg.


With players flocking to PokerStars to play in the ninth anniversary of the Sunday Million, Grigg was making waves in a couple of other PokerStars “majors” early on Monday morning.

First, Grigg would conquer an enormous field of 4,581 players to win the Hot 55 for US$35,963 (~AU$47,000).

“I ran so good in the Hot 55. It was just ridiculous,” said Grigg when we congratulated him on his result. “I kept getting it in bad. Like 30/70’s and just won them every time!”

If that wasn’t enough, Grigg would then follow up that result by taking down the Sunday Warm-up – an event which attracted a huge field of 3,494 runners.

Grigg would reach three-handed play where a deal was struck based on ICM, leaving $10,000 for the eventual champion. A short time later, Grigg emerged victorious to bag up US$87,000 (~AU$114,000) and his second huge score of the day.

Clearly Grigg thrives online but he’s managed to roll out of bed and throw on some clothes to make himself presentable here at the ANZPT in Sydney. But what would he rather be doing? Playing live or grinding online?

“I’ll never miss playing Monday majors,” said Grigg defiantly.

“What if you’re on the final table of this ANZPT event?” we posed.

“Oh, that’s on Monday?”

“Sure is.”

“Hmmmm, that’s a tough one,” pondered Grigg giving the decision some genuine thought. “I might play online before the final table starts, but I guess you kinda have to play the final table right?” he chuckled with tongue in cheek.

That will be a nice dilemma for Grigg to have come Monday morning.

Grigg will have a tough road ahead of him if he’s to get there with his Day 1b table lineup including roommate Ben Richardson seated to his direct left along with PokerStars Team Online’s Roy Bhasin. We’ll keep a close eye on their progress throughout the afternoon.



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