APPT 9 Manila: Warm-Up Day 1c Updates

August 01, 2015

APPT 9 Warm Up UpdatesDay 1c of the Warm-Up event saw a total of 275 entries but by the end of the night, only 50 players survived. Sitting on top of day 1c is Julian Hasse with 139,600 chips. Other players who made the cut were Johhnjin Kim, Willima Te, Alex Lee, and Jae Kyung Sim to mention a few. With today’s big turnout, the total prize pool ballooned to PHP4,976,100. Congratulations to all the qualifiers!

10:00pm: Bagging up

Day 1c ends with 50 players left in the field. Chip leader at the end of the night was Julian Hasse from Germany with 139,600 chips. Congratulations to all the qualifiers! Tournament resumes at 2pm tomorrow.

9:20pm: Sombero runs into aces

Wally Sombero saw his last hand of the tournament when he moved all in on top of Seok Chan Hwang’s raise. Hwang called and it was a showdown his Hwang holding A♦A♥ against Sombero’s 9♣K♣. The board ran 9♥8♥6♠2♠J♣ giving Sombero a pair but not good enough against Hwang’s aces.
8:55pm: Pasco’s stack falls

Jerwin Pasco steadily beefed up his stack but in a recent hand, he got chunked without even a showdown. It began with Pasco facing a raise to 2500 which he casually re-raised to 6600 sending the action back to the initial raiser Collin Ho who four-bet to 17K. Pasco called. At the flop of K♣K♥4♥, Pasco led out for 21K. After a long time tanking, Ho went all in and Pasco quickly mucked.

In another hand, Pasco doubled up a mid-stacked player Alex Ward when his Q♦10♦ could not hold up on a board of Q♠10♥3♦A♥9♥. Ward held K♥J♠ for a straight.

8:50pm: Tough betting Kim

Heavy betting action started the hand with the cutoff player raising to 2500 only to face a three-bet by Johnjin Kim to 6700. The raise was called and off to the flop they went: 3♥A♦2♥. Kim led out for 4800, was raised to 10K, then Kim shoved sending his opponent deep into the tank. Kim eventually won the hand when his opponent folded while showing A♥Q♣.

8:45pm: Leonarez lands a double up

With a raise and a re-raise before him, Jesse Leonarez moved all in and was called by one player. At the showdown, Leonarez had A♠A♣ against K♦K♠. The board bricked and Leonarez doubled up.

8:15pm: Pangan Reveals His Bluff

Luke Pangan has been one of the big stacks all day and continues to increase his arsenal. In a recent hand, Pangan called a raise by the button player and both went to see a flop land 2♣3♠J♦. Acting first, Pangan quickly bet 1500 which was raised to 3500 by his opponent. Pangan quick-called. At the turn of K♣, Pangan moved in again and bet 5K. This time he got a fold and won the hand. Pangan showed his 9♠6♦ bluff.

8:10pm: Double elimination for Te

William Te found himself up facing two players who moved all in and decided he would do the same. At the showdown, Te had them both dominated with his pocket queens against pocket jacks and pocket threes. With the board running blanks, Te won the pot and sent two to the rail.

7:20pm: Multiple all-ins

Jutae Kim found himself all in against two players while holding pocket nines. He had to dodge A♠K♠ and A♦Q♠. With the board running 2♣8♣7♣3♥8♦, he happily tripled up his short stack.

At another table, Antonio Angeles, was all in with two players in the hand, both had him covered. Angeles had A♦K♠ and was up against 10♦10♠ and A♥A♠. The board was very kind to him as it ran K♥K♦J♦8♣5♦ giving him trips and a triple up.

Sung Jin Park also found himself in a multiple all in situation while holding Q♥Q♣. He faced three other players though his hand was still ahead. When the board ran Q♦J♣6♦7♠2♣, Park scooped up a nice pile while eliminating two players in the process.

7:15pm: Turn card straight for Bertsos

John Bertsos called Benjamin Lim’s all-in with A♦10♦ versus Q♥J♠. The board ran Q♠J♦6♠K♥5♦ giving Bertsos a straight and Lim the boot.

7:10pm: Benz muscles out Co

With action folding all around the table to the button seat player Eugene Co, he laid out a raise to 1300 and big blind player Sebastian Benz called. At the flop of 4♣J♥9♥, Benz checked to Co who continued with a 1500 bet which Benz replied with a raise to 3700. Co called. At the turn of 9♦, Benz checked again, Co bet 4K, which was answered with a shove. Co folded.

6:35pm: Unofficial count

Late registration is closed and it is now freeze-out time. Unofficially, the number of entries is 275 with 135 remaining in the field.

6:25pm: Pangan leads end of level 6

Luke Pangan ends level 6 as the current chip leader with around 72K chips. In one hand during the level, he railed Brian McAllister with his Pocket Kings landing a full house against McAllister’s diamond flush.

6:20pm: Chang doubles up

Carlos Chang was in a three-way raised pot with a player from the small blind and mid position player Eric Sia. They faced a board of 2♦10♣J♦ to which the sb player checked. Action was then on Sia who laid out a 4K bet. Next was Chang who took his time to bet until he eventually laid out a raise 12,900 leaving him 100 behind. This got one player to fold but not Sia who put Chang all in. Chang threw in his last chip and it was a showdown. Sia had A♣J♠ for top pair but Chang had better with J♣10♠. With the turn of 6♦ and river of 5♦, Chang scooped up a sweet pot.

5:35pm: Level 6 begins

We are at the last level of late registration. Shinobu Tanaka seems to have the highest stack with around 78K. Seok Chan Hwang with around 50K. Luke Pangan also with a decent stack of around 40K. Average stack is 15K.

5:25pm: Co survives

Eugene Co dumped in his remaining chips after he faced a three-bet all in by a player in mid position. At the showdown, Co had 8♦7♦ against J♣8♣. With the board running 9♣7♥7♠8♠4♣, Co landed a sweet boat and a much needed double up.

5:20Ppm: Three-way all-in

It was a three-way shove extravaganza with Sammy Bolung all-in with A♥Q♠, Keuntaik Lee with 6♥6♠, and Jack Liew who had them both covered with A♦J♠. With the board landing 9♥8♦K♠K♣4♥, Lee tripled up while Bolung scooped the side pot keeping all three still in the game.

5:15pm: Campomanes doubles Up

Florencio Campomanes landed a nice double up in a hand that he bet all the way to the river until he was all in. He was called and at the showdown, Campomanes had A♠Q♦ ahead of his opponent’s A♥5♠ on a board of 10♣A♦K♦.

In progress

With late registration still available, there are currently 243 entries already in the books with 80 of those sent to the rail. We are nearing the end of level 5, leaving just 40 minutes for latecomers to get in the tournament.


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