APPT 9 Manila: Warm-Up Sees 275 for Day 1c

August 01, 2015

Julian Hasse - Warm-Up Event, Day 1c Chip LeaderWhat a big day it was at the APPT 9 Manila with 275 entries closing out the last of the day 1 flights for side event #1, the Warm-up event PHP3M guarantee. At the end of tournament play, many players fell leaving only 49 gunners qualifying into day 2. The man at the top of the rung today was poker pro Julian Hasse from Germany with 139,600 chips. In addtition to winning many mid-ranged pots, Hasse landed some premium hands in prime positions and made sure to capitalize on them. He will be returning to the field for day 2 as the second overall in chips behind day 1b chip leader Ayhan Agdas (UK) with 156,800 chips.

The day was very exciting with lots of players in arriving early, ready to accumulate chips while blinds were low. Several well-known poker pros were amongst those scattered throughout the room. Carlos Chang (Taiwan) was initially seated next to Team PokerStars Pro Asia Bryan Diwei Huang (Singapore). Judging by their chips, they didn’t get as much action until their table broke and both players were placed in separate tables. Unfortunately for Huang, he had to bow out early while Chang lasted much longer gaining more ammunition when he doubled up against Eric Sia.

Sam Razavi (England) was also in the field but was denied any progress at the felt along with other notables such as Victor Chong (Malaysia), and local poker pros Florencio Campomanes, Mark Benasa, and Wally Sombero. They all eventually fell.

Among those who qualified were players Christopher Luke Pangan (Philippines) and Seok Chan Hwang (South Korea) both of whom built up a very healthy stack early in the day and maintained it well until bagging. At one point, Pangan had well over six-digits (and most likely held the chip lead then) but after taking a couple of hits to his stack and getting moved to a new table during the last level, he trimmed down his aggro pace to end the day with 82,800 chips. Hwang, on the other, was more of a silent killer, chipping up slowly and grinding throughout the day until he amassed 102,500 by the end of the night. These are two players surely to keep an eye on as their styles vary greatly and they clearly know how to manage their chips quite well.

Another tough player at the felt is Johnjin Kim (Korea) who ended his day with 93,800 chips. Kim had a slow rise but once he accumulated enough chips to dominate the table, his stack continued to climb, winning many pots without a showdown. Alex Lee (Malaysia) had a similar strategy. He too had a late bump up to his stack but afterwards, he took stabs at many pots to end the day with 107,800 chips.

And then there’s Brian McAllister (Australia) who expressed having unfortunate luck with good cards. Early in the day McAllister told the story of him busting out with pocket queens that landed a set but his opponent had a set as well… of kings. McAllister ended up re-entering a total of four times and qualified into day 2 with a low but very playable stack of 36,400.

Day 2 will begin tomorrow at 2pm with a total of 97 players returning for a battle to the finish. Congratulations to the qualifiers and see you tomorrow!

List of Qualifiers:
1 Agdas Ayhan (United Kingdom) 156,800
2 Hasse Julian (Germany) 139,600
3 Marquez Richard (Philippines) 128,600
4 Ko Richard (Philippines) 128,100
5 Nee Sam Aik Chuan (Malaysia) 121,800
6 Nguyen Anh Tuan (Vietnam) 117,700
7 Ho Kuan Seng Collin (Singapore) 111,400
8 Agarwal Nikhil (India) 109,700
9 Lee Xiang Wei Alex (Malaysia) 107,800
10 Edoc Lester (Philippines) 104,700
11 Hwang Seok Chan (South Korea) 102,500
12 Villanueva Renato (Philippines) 101,100
13 Li Yan (China) 100,500
14 Bertsos John Anthony (Australia) 99,300
15 Zhang Xiao Chuan (China) 98,900
16 Jo Hyungtaek (South Korea) 95,900
17 Kim Johnjin (Korea) 93,800
18 Christensen Anders (United Kingdom) 93,200
19 Angeles Rommel (Philippines) 92,600
20 Huang Fu Bang “pipi” (Chinese Taipei) 87400
21 Lee Yi Won (South Korea) 84,900
22 Beng Chuan Foo (Malaysia) 83,100
23 Pangan Christopher Luke (Philippines) 82,800
24 Blanco Jose Gilberto (Costa Rica) 82,600
25 Croc Benjamin (France) 79,100
26 Chio Alvin (Philippines) 74,000
27 Mudgal Dhaval (India) 71,600
28 Peters Andre (United Kingdom) 70,900
29 Park Sungjin (South Korea) 69,700
30 Wang Yong Siang (Singapore) 69,600
31 Lee Joonhwan (South Korea) 69,500
32 Doronin Maxim (Russia) 69,200
33 Wisuttisang Jatupon (Thailand) 69,100
34 Kim Dongkyu (Korea) 68,700
35 Kim Soo Jo (Korea) 68,200
36 Yi Seung Yong (South Korea)67,600
37 Riad John (Denmark) 65,300
38 Xiao Bohan (China) 64,700
39 Ahn Seonghwan (South Korea) 64,000
40 Pasco Jerwin (Philippines) 62,700
41 Ward Alex (Australia) 61,200
42 Siong See Ming (Singapore) 61,200
43 Izutsu Shojiro (Japan) 60,400
44 Fierro Gilbert (USA) 58,800
45 Kang Jung Keun (Korea) 56,400
46 Lee David (USA) 55,400
47 Green Daryl (Philippines) 55,300
48 Marcelo Edmil (Philippines) 53,900
49 Jolly John (Australia) 52,100
50 Villanueva Aldrien David (Philippines) 51,500
51 Chhabria Shravan (India) 50,900
52 Torres Elmer (Philippines) 50,700
53 Oleinikov Mikhail (Russia) 49,900
54 Ruaya Harold Neal (Philippines) 49,700
55 Kim Jaehwan (South Korea) 48,300
56 Samant Kamishka (India) 48,000
57 Javier Jimmie (Philippines) 46,400
58 Rocks Andrew Brian (New Zealand) 46,200
59 Te William (Philippines) 44,400
60 Tavora Miguel (Philippines) 44,400
61 Yoon Jongwoo (South Korea) 43,800
62 Marzan Edwin Bondoc (Philippines) 42,600
63 Sin In (South Korea) 39,700
64 Fujii Takayuki (Japan) 37,000
65 Mcallister Brian (Australia) 36,400
66 Choi Sungil (Korea) 35,200
67 Garcia Wendell (Philippines) 34,600
68 Tech John (Philippines) 34,500
69 Kakizaki Takashi (Japan) 33,900
70 Huy Nhhiem Quang (Vietnam) 33,800
71 Pelayo Teofisto (Philippines) 32,600
72 Sia Eric (Philippines) 31,500
73 Chernykh Anton (Russia) 31,500
74 Ortiz Bertrad (Philippines) 30,900
75 Baterina Peter Ronn (Philippines) 29,400
76 Sim Jae Kyung (South Korea) 29,300
77 Brillo Wyngard (Philippines) 28,600
78 Lim Kian Seen (Philippines) 27,900
79 Hale Jhana (Australia) 27,600
80 Galang Michael (Philippines) 27,500
81 Huerto Joven (Philippines) 27,000
82 Kim Jiyoung (South Korea) 26,600
83 Shiono Takashi (Japan) 26,500
84 Takafuji Hideki (Japan) 26,400
85 Fellowes Jason (Australia) 24,600
86 Chen Yen Han (Chinese Taipei) 24,500
87 Martel George (Philippines) 23,400
88 Cho Woochul (Korea) 23,300
89 Kawahara Yuki (Japan) 23,300
90 Isayama Ko (Japan) 22,900
91 Sebastian Benz (Germany) 19,300
92 Osorio Philip Jordan (Philippines) 17,600
93 Salmingo Dexter M. (Philippines) 14,900
94 Ye Gwanghui (South Korea) 14,800
95 Ogose Yumi (Japan) 11,900
96 Rim Dong Young (Korea) 9,400
97 Kucuk Ozan Mehmet (Turkey) 8,300


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