APPT Cebu: And then there were four…

April 30, 2012

It hasn’t been a great day for our friends from India. They were flying high yesterday, but such is the nature of tournament poker, it’s all come crashing down today with the recent elimination of overnight chip leader Amit Varma snuffing the torch in their quest for APPT glory.

It could’ve so easily gone the other way, had Varma been successful in a crucial coinflip against Michael Kanaan just a short time ago. Kanaan made a massive re-raise preflop, and Varma called with pocket jacks. Kanaan held ace-queen and paired twice on the board to double through. It was a two-million chip pot, and ultimately, it was the game changer.


Kanaan moved into a clear chip lead and left Varma on the short stack. It was a position that Varma was unaccustomed to, having spent most of the past two days out in front, so you always got the feeling that he wasn’t going to hesitate in looking for a spot to try and double up.

When Nick Wong opened to 65,000 from under the gun, Varma looked down at A♠10♠ – a pretty solid starting hand when five-handed. With around 17 big blinds, Varma moved all in, but when Wong snap-called, he knew that the news wasn’t good. Wong opened K♠K♣ for a monster and Varma was going to need to find an ace from space, or a whole lot of spades, to stay alive.

The 2♦J♦4♥ was pretty bare, and it didn’t get any better through the 8♣ turn or 10♦ river.

The chicken curry I had for lunch was good, but unfortunately that was about the highlight of the day for the Indians. Varma joins his friends on the rail with PHP1,317,000 to soothe a few wounds, and certainly to pad the bankroll in time for the Casino Royale Cup in Goa in late June.


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