APPT Macau: A new poker flower blooms

September 05, 2008

After about an hour of play on Day 3 here at the APPT Macau, we have already seen “12” players eliminated from the 39 who started the day. One of those players is the highest-placed female finisher in the event, Daisy “Chain” Wain. Wain finished in 35th position, earning $50,570 Hong Kong dollars (or $6,433.83 US dollars) for her time here at the Grand Waldo casino.

Daisy Wain; importing and exporting chips in bulk

Talking to Wain while waiting in the cashout line, we learned she heard about the Macau tournament and decided to give it a try, having no previous live tournament experience. That’s not to say she doesn’t know what she’s doing, Wain is a Filipino born American who calls Palm Desert, California, home, and spends much of her time playing $2/$5 No-Limit with her friends at the many casinos in the area.

A self-made businesswoman, Wain owns an import-export business which trades in Chinese marble statues. She also owns a long-haul semi-trailer trucking company in Manila. During the APPT Macau, Wain has taken some impressive scalps with her willingness to call all-in bets with almost any two high or connected cards. The most notable of these was of 2005 WSOP Main Event winner, and Team PokerStars Pro member, Joe Hachem. However, Wain was elimintated herself in similar circumstances calling an all-in with A9 of spades. She turned an ace, but her opponent rivered a set of sevens to end her time here in Macau. Undeterred however, Wain now has a taste for APPT tournament poker, and intends to travel to Korea and the Philippines for the events in those countries. Good luck Daisy; your willingness to gamble will certainly keep opponents on their toes.


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