APPT Macau: Boyz ‘n the hood

September 07, 2008

Johnny Chan, surrounded by intense hoods

Over at Johnny Chan’s table, there are four players sitting around him wearing hoods and sunglasses. Chan must be thinking he’s in some type of fairy tale… we can just imagine him thinking: “You kids all play Red Riding Hood, and I’ll be the Big Bad Wolf.” The table seems to need a bit of light-heartedness, as the hooded players are keeping the mood very serious. “This table is pretty intense,” Van Marcus quipped, after arriving a short while ago.


Javed Abrahams, looking for another final table finish

Also sitting at the same table, although not playing the “hood” game, is another APPT Macau main event final table participant, in Javed Abrahams. Abrahams, who finished eighth last night, and managed to get to bed at a reasonable hour as a result, has reinvested USD $19,450 of the USD $30,800 he won yesterday, in this high-roller tournament. Things aren’t going to badly for the Englishman; he is sitting comfortably behind 41,000 chips; well above the average stack.

David Chiu, eights not lucky every time

David Chiu however, who finished 11th in the main event, hasn’t been able to replicate that performance today. He has just been eliminated pushing his short stack with pocket eights. Although eights are lucky in Chinese culture, unfortunately, Chiu ran his into the kings of another player, and after the other eights in the deck stayed hidden, he became another big name to exit the tournament on Day 1.


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