APPT Macau: Chuck’s luck runs out

September 04, 2008

Mark “Chuck” Ioli: Dreaming of day 2.

We’re sad to announce that Mark “Chuck” Ioli has been eliminated from the APPT Macau main event. Yesterday, Ioli (our agreement not to use his name does not include today) ruined a perfectly good cap when the previous evening’s activities came back to haunt him – metaphorically and literally.

Ioli was back today, refreshed and ready to play, until he found himself in a pot with Western Australia’s Michael Pedley on a flop of 7d-Kh-8h. Pedley bet 3000, Ioli pushed all-in and Pedley called, showing Ah-10h for a flush draw while “Chucky” showed 10c-9c for a draw of his own.

The board eventually missed both players (4c on the turn, Ks on the river) giving Pedley the pot and sending Chucky back to the bar. Spewin’ for him. In hindsight, maybe he should have paid a visit to the Monkey Bar last night.

Battle of the logos: Emad Tahtouh and Joe Hachem.

Right in front of our blogging station is table six, where Team PokerStars Pro Joe Hachem has now been joined by PokerStars Sponsored player and good mate Emad Tahtouh.

At the same table, Daisy Wain just doubled-up Charlie Chua when her pocket queens were overtaken by Chua’s two pair (aces and kings), but she quickly rebounded to eliminate PokerStars Sponsored player Terrence Chan.

Holding a pair and straight draw with 7c-8s on a flop of 10h-8d-9h, Wain showed Ad-Jd and filled her higher straight when the board ran out 9d Qs. Terrence “Not Johnny” Chan and Johnny “Not Terrence” Chan have both been eliminated in the opening 90 minutes of play today.

A good mate of the Australian contingent here at the Grand Waldo is Frank Bianco, a floor manager in the poker room at Crown Casino in Melbourne. He’s just rebounded to 22,000 after filling up on the river with 6s-7s against his opponent’s Ad-8c on a board of Ah-Jc-7d-6c-7c.

PokerStars Sponsored player Men “The Master” Nguyen recently claimed the scalp of Aussie battler Rodney Davidson and is up to 57,000 while Kofi Farkye is up to second chip position overall with more than 95,000. The rate of eliminations has barely subsided – 73 players have already been culled from the field today with less than two levels played.


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