APPT Macau: Consistency a strong play of Dodds

September 05, 2008

Joel Dodds nickname is “Strong Play”. However, the Sydneysider adopted a far more conservative approach than his nickname would indicate to claw his way to 14th place in the APPT Macau main event. How’s this for a world-class piece of trivia – Dodds finished 14th in this very event last year!

Strong Play to No Play: Kuok Wai Will Cheong sends Dodds packing.

After Kuok Wai Will Cheong raised to 20,000 under-the-gun, Dodds pushed all-in for 108,000 then Cheong beat him into the pot with pocket kings. Dodds rolled his eyes as he showed pocket queens, which stayed behind.

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Soon after, former chip leader Mark Walsh decided it was time to make a stand with his last 77,000 in chips. It was race between the pocket eights of the PokerStars qualifier and Diwei Huang’s As-Js, and although neither player connected, it was the Singaporean who broke the tape when his ace played on a board (10d-6d-Qs-Qc-10h). Huang becomes the first player to break the one-million chip mark.

PokerStars qualifier Mark Walsh bows out in 13th.

The dwindling stack of Taneli Tiikkaja received a much-needed boost when he picked off Ed Sabat’s bluff with 10h-8h on a board of 8c-2h-10c-3s against the Californian’s Kc-Qc. The Jh was no help, and the Finn was above 300,000 again.

The biggest hand of the past level was played out on the cusp of the last break between David Chiu and Denmark’s Jeppe Drivsholm in a battle of the blinds.

Chiu and Drivsholm go at it in the biggest pot of level 18.

After a flop of 9h-6s-7h, Chiu bet 62,000, Drivsholm pushed all-in for 220,000 and Chiu called after several minutes in the tank. He showed black 10s, while the Dane had two-pair nines and sevens. The board ran out Ks-3d taking Drivsholm to more than 800,000 in chips while Chiu was down to less than 250,000.

Play is into level 19 (5000/10,000 and a 1000 ante) with Huang leading from Drivsholm, Sabat (620,000), David Steicke (440,000) and Charles Chua (410,000).

Recent eliminations and payouts

13 Mark Walsh (Ireland) HKD $101,145
14 Joel Dodds (Australia) HKD $101,145


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