APPT Macau: Day 1B, levels 4, 5, 6 & 7 updates (300-600, 75 ante)

May 19, 2010

8.01pm: Play ends
With the final hand being dealt on table three, play has ceased for the night with the top three chip leaders sitting as follows.

Henrick Gwinner – 140,700
David Steicke – 124,950
Ramon Cserei – 118,250

Stay tuned for a full recap and updated chip counts.

7.35pm: Five more hands
With just 12 minutes remaining on the clock, tournament staff have announced there will be five more hands played today. — SY

7.32pm: Swannack’s aces hold
In a preflop clash Cole Swannack called his opponent’s all in holding A♥A♠ to be in great shape against K♠K♦.

The board ran out 3♥5♣7♣Q♥A♦ to see Swannack eliminate his opponent and move to 79,000 in chips. — TD

7.25pm: Gwinner takes chip lead
Henrik Gwinner, a Dane who lives in Hong Kong, has taken the chip lead, moving up to 137,000 after his aces held up against an opponent’s underpair. — SY


Henrik Gwinner

7.20pm: Assadourian stays alive
Facing a raise to 2,025, Eric Assadourian moved all in for his last 8,250. The table slowly folded round before the original raiser made the call.

Assadourian: A♣Q♥
Opponent: 8♣8♦

“What you guys have?” asked Assadourian to the players that took their time contemplating their decision.

“King-Queen suited” one said, “King-Queen also” stated another.

The board however would find that last Queen when it dropped 9♦9♣3♥Q♣10♥ to see Assadourian double through to 17,000 in chips and stay alive as we approach the end of the day. — TD


Eric Assadourian

7.10pm: Party, party
Tournament supremo Danny McDonagh has just announced details for tonight’s glittering PokerStars party here in the Grand Lisboa Hotel. Sorry that you can’t be here to join us, but if you happened to be dropping by Macau in the next few hours, McDonagh says go to the ground floor, up the grand staircase and go to the Grand Ballrooom. Grand. — SY

7pm: Spets out
Roger Spets’ stack had dwindled in the past few levels, and he decided to make a heroic stand with 5♣J♥ when he dropped to 8,000. Jukka Juvonen made the call with 7♦7♠, and that pocket pair held up as the board ran 8♠5♥3♠3♥6♠.

We’re now down to less than 50 players from the 84 who began today. — SY


Roger Spets

6.55pm: Cserei joins leaders
Add the name Ramon Cserei to the current chip leaders listed below. The Romanian PokerStars qualifier is up to 96,000, and adding to that seemingly all the time. On this one he was looking at a board of A♠10♣3♠10♠ and bet out a teasing 3,500 – enough to force his opponent to fold. — SY

6.40pm: Break
That’s the end of the level. We now move in to the last level of the day, with blinds at 300-600 and a 75 ante.

Your top players right now are:
David Steicke, 110,000
Henrik Gwinner, 92,000
Jeppe Drivsholm, 77,000
Sal Fazanni, 73,100

6.35pm: The old 8-4 off trick
Facing a bet of 1,200 and two more callers, Matthew Kirk made a stand, pushing all in for his last 20,000. Jukka Juvonen looked interested but joined the others in passing.
Kirk, from Australia, turned over 8♣4♦ triumphantly, to nods of approval from around the table. — SY

6.25pm: No flush for Steicke
In a limped pot Dimitrios Mertzanis fired out 1,800 on a A♦J♠2♠ flop and found one call from David Steicke before another opponent moved all in for 13,950.

“He’s all yours,” stated Mertzanis as he folded to put Steicke to a decision.

Standing up looking blankly at the board and pot that lay in front of him for over sixty seconds, Steicke eventually picked up his 9♠8♠ and tossed them face up into the muck.

“What! You fold a flush draw?” questioned a confused tablemate.

“When you run like David and hit everything, that is a big fold!” added Eric Assadourian.

“I’ve played for 29 flushes today and I haven’t hit one” stated Steicke as he took a small step back but still remained over the 100,000 mark. — TD


David Steicke ponders the call

6.15pm: Double knockout for Fazzino
Sal Fazzino is now on 85,000 after busting two players. We did not get all the action, but after a flop of 5♥3♣J♥, Fazzino’s J♠7♣ stayed ahead of one player’s 7♥8♥ and another’s K♥Q♥ when both missed their flush draw on the J♣ turn and 10♦ river. — SY


Sal Fazzino

6.10pm: Drivsholm doubles
Jeppe Drivsholm soars up to 80,000 after busting a player who had almost as many chips. Drivsholm had K♦K♥ and was up against pocket queens, and the board ran a safe 2♥A♠4♦J♥2♠. — SY

6.05pm: Steicke hits river to push over 100k
Eric Assadourian opened to 1,500 from middle position and was called by Dimitrios Mertzanis on the button before David Steicke made it 8,500 to go from the small blind.

Assadourian passed but Mertzanis made the call to see a Q♥4♥6♣ flop fall and Steicke take his time before firing out 10,500. Mertzanis instantly called as the dealer produced the 4♦ on the turn to put Steicke in the tank once again.

Two minutes went by before the Hong Kong resident opted with a bet of 16,500 which Mertzanis instantly called yet again.

The river of the K♦ went check, check and Mertzanis tabled his 8♥8♠. However Steicke rolled over his A♣K♥ and pointed to the King numerous time to confirm – if Mertzanis hadn’t realised – that he had a bigger pair.

A disgusted Mertzanis slipped to 43,000 while Steicke soared to over 114,000 in chips. — TD


David Steicke

5.47pm: Blaser doubles through Assadourian
Facing a cutoff raise to 1,500, Eric Assadourian three-bet the button to 4,500.

PokerStars online qualifier Mike Blasser took his allotted time before committing his last 13,450. The original raiser passed while Assadourian made the call.

Assadourian: A♦Q♥
Blaser: Q♣Q♦

“At least give me a straight draw or something” asked Assadourian, and when the 3♠2♠5♠ flop fell it gave him an increased chance of taking the pot down and sending Blaser to the rail.

The 2♥ on the turn changed little and when the final Queen – the Q♠ – landed on the river, Blaser doubled through to 29,000 as Assadourian slipped back down to his starting stack. — TD

5.45pm: ‘I have a pair. Or maybe I don’t’
Andrew Scott opened with a bet 1,050, and when re-raised he pushed all in, meaning his whole stack of 12,000 was over the line. His opponent did not seem quite as keen to play now. “Do you have a pair?” he asked Scott.

“Yes. I have a pair,” Scott replied. “Or maybe I don’t.”

His opponent mucked, and Scott turned over A♠A♥. He’s up to 16,500 now. — SY


Andrew Scott

5.35pm: Steicke extends lead
Pui Suen Yung limped from under the gun and three others, including David Steicke joined her to see a Q♥6♣10♥ flop. Yung checked, Steicke bet 575 and no-one else wanted to play with the big stack. Steicke eases over 70,000. — SY

5.15pm: Kim gone
After the nasty beat described in the hand below, Mike Kim is now out… victim of another beat. He had a pair of kings on a king high flop and got all in against Jukka Juvonen who was priced in to call with A-3. There was something inevitable about what was to come on the river – you guessed it, an ace. — SY

5.05pm: Kim kings cracked
Mike Kim saw his stack dwindle early on to under 8,000, but over the past few levels he has worked hard to build it back to over 35,000. Unfortunately he recently suffered a bad beat to send him crashing back down to his starting stack.

In a preflop confrontation that involved two players after one folded his hand, it was Kim’s K♠K♥ leading against his opponent’s Q♣Q♠.

The board ran out 4♦6♥J♦Q♦4♥ to see Kim’s opponent find his two-outer to stay alive and see all of Kim’s hard work undone. — TD


Mike Kim gets the bad news

5pm: Diamonds are a man’s best friend
Dimitrios Mertzanis was in a world of trouble with A♦Q♦ against the all in of Ricky Kroesen with A♠A♣. The flop was A♥6♠7♦ giving Kroesen a set and a huge lead.

But wait…

… the turn was 4♦….
… the river J♦

…. and Mertzanis, a PokerStars qualifier from Greece, made an unlikely flush, shooting up to around 60,000 chips. Kroesen left… disgusted. — SY


Dimitrios Mertzanis applauds his luck

4.57pm: More Steicke pressure
David Steicke continues to use his big stack to pressure others. )On a 3♠J♣4♥ flop he bet 2,050 and got a call from Pui Suen Yung. The turn was 6♦ and Steicke continued his aggression, this time with a bet of 5,025 – and that was enough for Yung to fold. She’s down to 18,000, Steicke up to 69,000. — SY

4.55pm: Neilson finds ten to stay alive
The camera crews rushed over and so did we to find Daniel Neilson all in for his last 15,400.

Neilson: 10♠10♥
Opponent: K♠K♦

With Aaron Benton and Tony Hachem walking past the table on their way to getting a massage decide to sweat the hand.

“What you got? Tens? That’s easy, a ten is coming on the flop!” stated Benton as he stood behind Neilson.

The dealer dropped the 6♠4♥10♦ flop to put Neilson squarely in front as Benton and Neilson hi-fived.

“Told ya it was coming” laughed off Benton as the dealer dealt the Q♣ and 6♣ on the turn and river to give the PokerStars online qualifier a double up to over 31,000 in chips. — TD


Daniel Neilson gets congratulated by Aaron Benton

4.44pm: We’re back!
The cards are back in the air with blinds at 200-400 and a 50 ante.

4.33pm: End of the level
That’s level four over with. Next up, level five – but not until after a ten-minute break. — SY

4.31pm: Terrence Chan flushed out
In a limped pot several players saw a 10♠9♣Q♣ flop with Terrence Chan firing out 900.

From out of the small blind Ricky Kroesen check-raised to 5,000 and Chan committed his last 6,500 with Kroesen making the call.

Chan: J♦10♦
Kroesen: 5♣3♣

The turn dropped a club to send Chan to the rail, and just to rub it in, the dealer dropped the 10♣ on the river as Chan was already out of his chair and on his way out of the tournament floor. — TD


Terrence Chan leaves APPT Macau

4.20pm: Terrence Chan survives
Terrence Chan was down to just 2,625 and moved all in with Q♦5♦. He was up against 9♠9♣, but the 6♠5♣Q♣6♦A♦ board went the PokerStars player’s way and he’s up over 5,000. — SY

4.15pm: Fazzino wins battle of qualifiers
With the action folding round to PokerStars online qualifier Liam Moffett on the button, he bumped it up to 700 only to get three-bet by fellow qualifier – and Australian – Sal Fazzino to 1,900.

Moffett made the call to see a 6♥J♥5♦ flop fall and a 2,650 continuation bet follow from Fazzino. Moffet deliberated for a few moments before moving all in for his last 12,100 and was quickly called by Fazzino.

Moffett: A♥9♥
Fazzino: K♣K♦

The 5♥ on the turn gave Moffett a sweat, but after the J♣ landed on the river Moffet hit the rail as Fazzino climbed to 44,900 in chips. — TD


Liam Moffett

4pm: Seal straightens out kings
Four players committed 800 preflop to see a 6♥5♣2♥ flop fall and only two continued for 2,300 – one of them being Emanuel Seal.

The turn landed the 4♣ and Seal checked to his flop aggressor who fired out 5,300 only to have Seal check-raise all in for an additional 7,750. His opponent called and the cards were tabled.

Seal: 8♥7♥
Opponent: K♠K♦

With Seal having a lock on the hand, the J♥ fell on the river to improve the Australia and send him to over 34,000 in chips. — TD

3.51pm: It held!
Michael Kim was down to a lowly 3,000 but managed a timely double up – even if it was a sweat. The flop was 7♠8♠2♦ and he moved in with A♥[7] and got called by a player with A♠K♥. No problem, except the 10♠ on the turn gave his opponent the chance of a flush draw.

But the 6♥ on the river was a nice brick, and relieved Kim doubled to around 7,000. — SY


Michael Kim is all in and anguished…


… but it all ends well for the Korean

3.41pm: Player Profile: Ricky ‘rickwaa’ Kroesen
As play has just ticked into level four and things are a little on the slow side, we thought we provide you with a player profile of one of our PokerStars online qualifiers.

Hailing from Brisbane, Australia, Ricky Kroesen has been hitting up the Australasian tournament circuit for the last few years now.

Beginning online under the moniker of rickwaa, Kroesen has been a constant performer on the virtual felt playing and registering results in mid-to-high stakes tournaments as well as the majors such as the PokerStars Sunday Million and Nightly Quarter Millions.


Ricky Kroesen

Kroesen then started taking steps into live tournaments where he has registered close to AU$40,000 in earnings including a 2009 Melbourne Poker Championships Main Event Final Table and three cashes at the recent PokerStars sponsored ANZPT Sydney.

However it is online satellites where Kroesen excels, and it is no more evident in the number of seats and packages he won into this very event. Kroesen has managed to pick off one seat and five packages so far for the APPT Macau leg – and that doesn’t include the ones he has bubbled!

Consequently he celebrated it by not hitting the clubs and ordering many bottles of Dom Perignon or Crystal, but by shouting his parents a holiday here in Macau and at the luxurious Grand Lisboa hotel where today’s Main Event is being held.

Nice on and off the felt, Kroesen currently sits on a table that includes Andrew Scott and Terrence Chan and is hoping that his 24,475-chip stack can begin to do some damage! — TD

3.35pm: Round 4
We’re heading in to level four, with blinds at 150-300 and a 25 ante. While David Steicke has been chip leader for most of day, Jukka Juvonen has now taken over the honors after winning a big pot with Q-Q against Ludovic Riehl’s 2-2 on a tricky 10-10-7-7-3 board.

Juvonen, a PokerStars qualifier from Finland, is up to around 65,000, while Steicke sits on 55,000.

Big names out so far include JC Tran and John Phan. — SY


David Steicke


Jukka Juvonen

PokerStars Blog reporting team looking forward to tonight’s PokerStars party: Tim Duckworth and Simon Young (scribblers), and Joe Giron (photo artiste)


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