APPT Macau: Day 1C, level 4, 5, 6 & 7 updates (300-600, 75 ante)

May 20, 2010

8.01pm: Play ends!
The final hand has been dealt for flight three with the top three chip counts as follows.

Darren Judges – 173,800
Brendon Rubie – 114,375
Ralf Westphal – 112,025

Stay tuned for a full recap and updated chip counts as they come to hand.

7.35pm: Five more hands…
… and play will be over for the night. Will anyone be able to catch Darren Judges? — SY

With a board showing J♦9♣5♦7♥ Ralf Westphal with 7♦9♦ and Peter Triphause with K♠J♣ moved all in, both for around 50,000.

Westphal’s two pair and flush draw were ahead – and the A♦ on the river filled up his flush to finish the job. He soared over 100,000, leaving Triphaus with just some small change. — SY


Ralph Westphal celebrates

7.15pm: New, chirpy chip leader emerges
We were waiting for someone to go past the 100,000 mark – and England’s Darren Judges has not just reached it, but burst through it to 137,000.

The Tottenham Hotspur soccer fan has a number of decent cashes behind him, and he boosted his chances of a big score here even more when he busted Team PokerStars Pro Tae Joon Noh. “Yup, it’s going well,” Judges said as he counted out his chips.

The Noh hand was a nasty one for the Team Pro, who had pocket kings but walked into A-10 which made trip tens on the flop for Judges. — SY


Darren Judges takes chip lead

7.00pm: Hachem doubles with trips
In a limped pot the A♣6♥4♦6♣Q♠ board was checked down to the river where Tony Hachem fired out 3,000 from the small blind.

The big blind passed, but the limper looked Hachem’s stack up and down before tossing in two yellow 5,000-denomination chips.

Hachem immediately called for his last 6,750 and tabled his 6♠3♥ to best his opponent’s K♠Q♣ to double through to 15,000 and change. — TD

6.50pm: Back
We’re under way again.

6.40pm: Break
It’s the last ten-minute break of the day. We’ll be back for day’s seventh – and last – level shortly. — SY

6.30pm: Lerner busts one
Aaron Lerner eliminated a player with a dream flop. Holding A♠J♦ he was up against K♥10♦. The flop of A♣Q♣A♥ made him trip aces – and any jack to make a straight for his opponent would improve his own hand to a full house. The turn was 6♣ and river 9♣. Lerner is up to 50,000 now. – SY

6.25pm: Hachem horror
Tony Hachem has been on the rough end of things today, and this hand summed that up perfectly. He shoved for his last 7,775 with A♠10♠ and was called only by one other player who was all in for 1,200 with pocket threes.

The flop was 9♠4♦4♠ giving Hachem a flush draw which he duly filled on the 6♠ turn. That was all well and good – until the 3♦ hit the river to fill his opponent’s full house.

“When I run bad, I run bad!” Hachem joked.


Tony Hachem likes his turned flush…


… but not the river

6.20pm: Nam Le sends one packing
Nam Le entered the pot with a raise to 1,300 and found one caller before an opponent moved all in for 5,400.

With the action back on Le, he dropped in an assortment of chips amounting to a raise of 21,300. The player caught in the middle passed as Le and his all in opponent went to a showdown.

Le: J♥J♠
Opponent: A♣K♠

The J♣2♠3♣ flop put Le squarely in front and when the 3♠ dropped on the turn everything was locked up for the PokerStars sponsored player. The meaningless 4♠ fell on the river to see Le eliminate his opponent and climb to 42,000 in chips. — TD


Nam Le

6.15pm: Do dusted
After recently enjoying a double up, Quinn Do has been unable to use those chips to gather any momentum, and consequently is now on the rail.

Raising the action holding pocket nines, Do committed his stack on a 6♥5♠3♠ flop and was called by Julian Cohen and his 5♣3♣. The A♠ on the turn and the 3♦ on the river were no help to Do as he bit the dust as Cohen climbs to 47,000 in chips. — TD

6.10pm: A word about Patrick Carron
The 2009 PokerStars Tournament Leaderboard (TLB) winner, Patrick ‘aprilsfool’ Carron, is going along nicely in the main event here in Macau just a day after winning the high roller for $145,000. He bought in to the high roller using one of his reward PokerStars Passport stamps.

These can normally only be used for main events, but PokerStars made an exception because Carron had already qualified for the Macau main event in a cash satellite.

The only other time that has happened was when Shaun Deeb used a stamp for the high roller at EPT Kyiv – a three-handed affair which he won. — SY

Carron, on around 54,000, has been at an action table today, sharing the same felt as Benny Cheng who took an early chip lead by has now settled back to around 60,000.


Patrick Carron, PokerStars TLB winner

5.50pm: The state of play
There’s one more level to go after this one, and we’re still waiting for the first player to trouble the 100,000 barrier. These are some of the bigger stacks right now:

Brendon Rubie, 83,000
Dinh Le, 74,000
Aaron Benton, 67,000
Benny Cheng, 56,000
Patrick Carron, 54,000

This is the stage, however, where things tend to go skyward for one or two and are likely end-of-play leaders will emerge. — SY

5.42pm: Let’s up those blinds!
The clock has just ticked into the next level with blinds at 250-500 and a 50-ante.

5.41pm: Le legged
Tommy Le opened to 1,000 from middle position and was called in two spots to see a K♠J♠3♣ fall.

Le pushed all in for his last 4,050 and was called by his opponent on the button as the big blind folded.

Le: A♠9♠
Opponent: K♥J♦

The turn and river blanked out with the 8♥ and 5♥ falling to send Le to the rail. — TD

5.38pm: Do doubles
With around 3,000 in the pot and a board of {6h]Q♠4♠ spread, Quinn Do found himself all in for his last 7,900 against Wing Cheong Chong.

Do: A♥A♠
Chong: 8♠7♠

The turn of the 10♣ gave Chong an additional three outs to add to his gutshot and flush draw, but when the river landed the 8♦, Do doubled though to 19,000 in chips. — TD


Quinn Do

5.14pm: Cohen stays alive
Brendon Rubie opened to 800 from the cutoff and found calls in Sarah Lee and Julian Cohen from the blinds.

The A♥5♣5♦ was checked through to Rubie who fired out 800 only to be check-raised by Lee to 1,900. Cohen mulled over a decision before he pushed his last 11,950 into the pot, and found a fold from Rubie and a call from Lee.

Lee: A♠Q♦
Cohen: 8♣5♠

The turn of the Q♥ gave Cohen two further outs to fade, and when the J♦ landed on the river the PokerStars online qualifier doubled through to over 27,000 and change. — TD

4.57pm: Quads for previous Champion
On a board of 10♥10♦J♣7♦ an opponent checked over to Dinh Le who opted to fire with a 1,500-chip bet.

Le’s opponent put in a small check-raise to 3,500 and Le made the call to see the 9♥ fall on the river and his opponent fire out 6,500. Le immediately announced he was all in and just as quickly was called by his opponent for roughly his last 8,000 in chips.

Standing up, Le slammed his 10♣10♠ down on the table and began raking in the pot before his opponent even had time to turn his hand over.

With another opponent on the rail, the 2007 PokerStars APPT Macau Champion added some vital chips to his stack as he moves in sight of the chip leader with a healthy 74,000 in chips. — TD


Dinh Le

4.50pm: Flynn flying flag for charity
Kelly Flynn, a partner of the Hong Kong Poker House, which is sponsored by, is playing today – and he’s a man with a mission. He won his seat by scooping the annual PokerStars APPT charity event on Sunday, held this year in aid of the British Chamber of Commerce.

Kelly has now announced generously that he will donate 50% of any of his winnings here to the charity.

With that in mind, a glance at his table shows Flynn, from the US, is quite comfortable on 32,000. — SY


Kelly Flynn

4.30pm: Break
There will be a ten minute break while players ready themselves for the excitement that is level five. Just this one and two more to go, folks, and day one is over. — SY

4.21pm: Pedley knocks out another
On a flop of Q♥2♦2♣ Michael Pedley led out for 5,100 into a pot of around 6,000.

His lone opponent in the hand moved all in for 13,525 and Pedley immediately called tabling his K♥K♣ to be in great shape against his opponent’s 4♥4♣.

The turn and river blanked out with the 8♥ and 9♠ to see Pedley eliminate his opponent and climb to over 69,000 in chips. — TD

4.20pm: We lose another
Players are flying out of the door at quite a rate. One went on this crazy hand, a three-way all in. On a flop of 9♠4♣Q♦ In Wook Choi was all in, called by Zachary Fritz, while Yuwei Wu was also all in, but only for around 500 chips.

Fritz: A♥Q♠ and the lead
Choi: K♠J♣ for overcard and gutshot draw
Wu: 5♦2♥ for absolutely zilch

But zilch means nothing in this game. The turn was 5♥ and the river? You guessed it… 2♠ and Wu trebled up in the most unlikely way to around 1,300. Fritz picked up the sidepot, eliminating Choi in the process. — SY

4.10pm: Wham, bam, thank you Pham
This hand was a horror show for Stephen Duncan. Facing a flop of 10♠5♠4♣, he bet 1,400 of his 10,000 stack, only for Van Pham to re-raise all-in, covering Duncan. The US PokerStars qualifier made the simple call with A♥A♠ and was delighted to see Pham had complete air – Q♦[9].

But this game can kick you in the teeth sometimes, and that’s exactly what happened when the turn was J♥ and river 8♠ giving Pham the runner-runner straight. Duncan is out, Pham has 48,000. Yikes. — SY

4.01pm: Kings hold for Benton
Facing a raise to 1,300 from an opponent in middle position, Aaron Benton popped it up to 3,000 from the button with his opponent making the call.

The flop fell down J♣2♥6♣ and the action was checked to Benton who opted to fire out 4,300 only to be check-raised to 10,000 by his opponent. Benton then slid his 23,975-chip stack into the middle – and following some deliberation – his opponent made the call.

Benton: K♠K♣
Opponent: Q♣Q♦

The turn fell a meaningless 8♦ and as Benton and his supporters bellowed for a three, the 3♣ was delivered on the river to see Benton double though to 54,000 in chips. — TD


Aaron Benton doubling up

3.55pm: Tae Joon picks off bluff
On a board reading 6♣3♠4♠2♠ Tae Joon Noh led out for 1,500 only to be check-raised to 4,000 by his opponent into a pot containing about 4000 in chips.

Noh made the call to see the 10♠ land on the river and a 6,000-chip bet follow from his opponent. Noh quickly made the call and was met with an insta-muck from his opponent as Noh raked in the pot without having to show down his hand. The Team PokerStars Pro Asia player now moves to over 36,000 in chips. — TD

3.50pm: Hold that
Scrap that info below – Benny Cheng has now taken the clear chip lead, eliminating another player to move up to 92,000. But he was a lucky man – on a flop containing a ten and a five, Cheng and Kent Hunter got it all in with Cheng holding 10-5 and Hunter 5-5 for the dominant set. The turn blanked, but the river was a ten giving Cheng the bigger full house. — SY

3.40pm: This is level four
Three down already, four more to go. We have two battling out for the chip lead – Brendon Rubie on 71,000 and Benny Cheng on 70,000. It’s still a very long way to go, but you can see what they’re all playing for over on the prizes and payouts page.

We’ve lost one of the Lerner twins (Derek), but Aaron is doing nicely for himself. On a board of [9C][8C][5D][8H]J♠ he shoved all in, forcing his disgustedly opponent to open fold pocket aces. He’s up to 44,000 now. Thanks to eagle-eyed snapper Joe Giron for that one. — SY


Aaron Lerner

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Macau: Tim Duckworth and Simon Young (words of wisdom), and Joe Giron (photos of distinction)


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