APPT Macau: Day 2, level 8, 9 & 10 updates (600-1,200, 100 ante)

May 21, 2010

3.20pm: Level done
That’s it for level 10. We move to level 11 with blinds at 800-1,600 with a 200 ante. — SY

3.21pm: Dinh Le dusted
On a board reading A♠2♠4♥7♠J♣, all the chips went in on the river with Dinh Le holding [A][Q] against his opponent’s [7][7].

Unfortunately for Le, his opponent had him slightly covered and therefore meant that the 2007 PokerStars APPT Macau Champion would be forced to hit the rail short of making the money. — TD


Dinh Le sees the grim news

3.10pm: The state of play
Darren Judges still holds the chip lead. Here are some notable stacks…

Darren Judges, 217,000
Henrik Gwinner, 150,000
Dimitrios Mertzanis, 135,000
Alex Chieng, 120,000
David Steicke, 105,000
Keith Hawkins, 90,000

Team PokerStars Pro Raymond Wu has 80,000, while fellow Pro Marcel Luske says he is “grinding, grinding, grinding” on 24,000.


3.01pm: Benton stays alive
After losing a huge pot with top pair against a straight flush draw, PokerStars APPT Sydney Champion Aaron Benton has found a much needed double up.

Finding himself all in against Dinh Le, it was Benton’s 7♣7♦ in the lead against Le’s 10♣8♣.

The board ran out 6♦3♥4♥4♣ to see Benton stay alive and double though to just under 30,000 in chips. — TD

Earlier, Benton spoke to the video team…

2.25pm: Level up
That’s the end of level nine. Level 10 is next, with blinds of 600-1,200 with a 100 ante. We’ll be playing a total of seven levels today – or we’ll finish if we hit the money with 40 players left. — SY

2.22pm: News on Cheng
Benny Cheng, who was an early chip leader on day 1C and continued to entertain with his fearless play, has lost half his 80,000 starting stack today. But he’s not changed his game one bit. Facing a bet of 2,500 and a call he moved all in for 40,000 to take the pot. — SY


Benny Cheng, all in but no takers

2.20pm: More sickness
There have been some mighty outdraws and suckouts today already. On this one Christopher Koo got all in for 25,000 with K♠K♦ and was in good shape against Binh Nguyen’s A♠K♥. But it wasn’t an ace which busted Koo, instead the board ran 5♦10♦4♠3♥2♠ to make a straight for Nguyen. — SY

2.10pm: Gwinner on the up
Henrik Gwinner, the Dane who was our day 1B chip leader with 140,700, is now on more than 180,000. Much of that came just now when the board read 10♣Q♠J♦2♦A♥. There was already 50,000 in the pot, and Gwinner bet around the that again, forcing an instant fold from his opponent. — SY


Henrik Gwinner

2.01pm: Scott sent home by Steicke
Four players committed 2,500 preflop to see a 4♠4♦5♠ flop fall.

The original raiser checked and was preceded by a bet of 3,500 before David Steicke bumped it to 10,500. With action on Andrew Scott, he opted to move all in for his last 24,200 to force a fold from the original raiser and the preflop aggressor before Steicke made the call.

Scott: 6♦5♣
Steicke: 10♥10♠

The turn and river landed the A♦ and 7♥ to see Scott eliminated by his close friend Steicke who moved to over 115,000 after the hand. — TD


David Steicke: Up


Andrew Scott: Out

2pm: Celina Lin out, re-tells day 1
Team PokerStars Pro Celina Lin is missing and presumed out of APPT Macau. A little earlier she sent us her trip report from Day 1….

“APPT Macau has always been the most important stop for me and I hope it grows by the year like it has for the past three seasons, and more players from around the world get a chance to enjoy the Vegas of Asia.

It was a surprise for me to see the field of day 1A, the day is meant to be filled with live qualifiers. Instead, because the high rollers event was running, every smart poker player out there decided to show up for what was meant to be the softest day 1.

I was 3-bet the very first hand when the blinds were 50-100, I raised the cut off to 300, I get re-raised to 900 by a European-looking hooded young player. I immediately 4-bet him to 3,000 without a premium hand, he folds. I felt it was important to establish an image where players know I will fight back and I’m not afraid to lose my chips. Unfortunately the table broke soon after.


The second table was extremely aggressive with raise and re-raise and re-re-raise all over the place. I was lucky to accumulate some chips by picking good spots, but was totally card dead for hours.

The third table was brutal. I was seated next to my team mate Raymond Wu, and a fantastic cash games player Nathaniel Seet. I saw a very interesting hand, where on the turn a Singaporean girl checks, euro checks and Philippino guy bets 4,500, then the girl raises to 15,000, and the euro tank-calls for all his 13,500, Philippino player mucks. The girl immediately sends her cards into the muck without hesitation with still the river to come.

The final table I was moved to was filled with big stacks and very aggressive players, I manage to double up with A-A against A-Q on a Q-high flop. I finished the day on 32,000 chips.

The day wrapped up with some delicious Korean BBQ and drinks at at the MGM. I am looking forward to many side events up for registration, with also a ladies event in the mix. I hope day 2 will be more fruitful and I can build a big stack to take to the final table.”

Sadly for Celina, here recent elimination brings an end to her main event hopes. — SY

1.50pm: Yoon eliminated
Daren Yoon has recently bitten the dust.

Beginning the day with an above average stack, Yoon was recently bluffed when he was forced to lay down his Queens on a King-high board with three to the flush against an opponent who barrelled every street – including an all in on the river – with just a pair of tens.

After breaking tables, Yoon was hoping to gain some forward momentum but unfortunately found himself in a coin flip against PokerStars online qualifier Cole Swannack’s A♣K♠ against his Q♣Q♠.

Yoon unfortunately called heads but flipped tails as the board was spread 8♠K♣6♦2♦5♥ to see the Macau regular eliminated as the field closes in on the final hundred players. — TD

147pm: Video, video
Here’s the take on the start of the day in moving pictures…

1.45pm: ‘I don’t want to go yet’
This was Kenny Shih, who had only around 4,000 left and got them in the middle with A♠A♦. He was up against A♣10♣, but his fears of busting were soon allayed when the board ran 10♥2♦A♥9♣8♠. — SY

1.40pm: Luske grinding back up
Team PokerStars Pro Marcel Luske started with 17,000 today and has worked that up to around 28,000 thanks to getting a pair of aces, then hitting a flush in the first level of the day. — SY


Marcel Luske

1.35pm: Tasty table
Andrew Scott’s table has broken and he’s just been moved to the same one as his pal David Steicke. Scott has recently doubled to 25,000 but he’s a good way off Steicke, who has around 100,000. Also on this table is Aaron Lerner. — SY

1.30pm: Cohen culled
Facing a raise to 2,500 and a call, Julian Cohen pushed his last 20,525 into the pot.

The big blind passed, and after asking for a count and deliberating for around ninety seconds, the player in the middle made the call.

Cohen: 9♦9♠
Opponent: Q♥Q♦

The board ran out 4♣10♦8♥4♥4♠ to see the PokerStars online qualifier eliminated from his maiden APPT Macau Main Event. — TD

1.20pm: Blinds up
We move in to level nine with blinds at 500-100 with a 100 running ante. We’re down to 134 players. — SY

1.10pm: Another Team Pro down
This time it was Team PokerStars Pro Eric Assadourain to hit the rail. He moved all in for 10,000 with A♦3♠ but was called by Dider Cicurel with A♠Q♠. A tricky spot, and one from which he could not escape when the board ran 9♥J♥10♥6♥J♦. — SY


Eric Assadourian

1.00pm: Hachem halted
Tony Hachem bet all in with his last few chips from early position and was called by chip leader Darren Judges from out of the blinds.

Hachem: A♦J♥
Judges: 10♥10♣

The board ran out a rather undramatic 7♦3♦7♥5♠Q♥ to put the Team PokerStars Pro and recent ANZPT Perth Champion on the rail. — TD


Darren Judges says farewell to Tony Hachem

1pm: Pedley gathers momentum
On the first hand of the day, Michael Pedley found himself all in holding Q♥Q♣ against an opponent’s K♣K♦.

The board ran out 3♥8♠5♣K♥A♦ to see Pedley slip to 8,000 only to double a few hands later.

Most recently however after a raise to 2,200 and a call, Pedley pushed all in for his last 12,525 and was called by just the over-caller.

Pedley: A♦Q♠
Opponent: J♥J♣

The board ran out A♥10♦5♣A♣7♠ to see Pedley double through to over 32,000 in chips. — TD


Michael Pedley seems happy enough with that hand

12.55pm: Judges dominating
Darren Judges, our overall chip leader, is having a fine week in Macau. A Brit who works as a property developer in Thailand, he has already won a bounty side event here in Macau this week for $80,000 HKD, and is continuing his surge here in the main event. He is at the same table as Team PokerStars Pro Tony Hachem – and fellow Team Pro Raymond Wu has also just joined them from a broken table.

On this one Judges opened for 2,500 and got a call from Raffi Cedric, a PokerStars qualifier from France sitting in the big blind.

The flop was A♠9♣Q♦ and Judges bet 5,000 – enough to force a fold from Cedric, who has around 55,000. Judges, though, is up to 185,000. — SY


Darren Judges’ view of his table with Team Pros Tony Hachem on the left and Raymond Wu on the right


And Judges seems rather pleased with what he sees

12.50pm: Scott tries, misses
Andrew Scott started today with just 14,000 and needed to get busy. He opened with a bet of 2,000 and got a call from Australia’s Wayne Stichling in the next seat along. The flop was 10♠7♣8♦ and Scott made a continuation bet of 3,500. Stichling eyed up the man from Hong Kong, then surveyed his and Scott’s chips. Stichling had considerably more – and he made the call.

The turn was 7♦ and now Scott slowed down to a check. Stichling, however, liked the board rather more and bet enough to put Scott all in. Insta fold, and Scott has just 11,000 left. — SY

12.45pm: Quads for Hawkins
Keith ‘The Camel’ Hawkins, a well known PokerStars heads-up specialist, tells PokerStars Blog HQ he hit quad kings at the start of the day to eliminate a short-stack player. He now moves up to 75,000. — SY

12.40pm: Victim for Haabak
Jesse Haabak, a force here on Day 1A, just found pocket kings to knock out a short-stack player holding pocket nines. — SY

12.38pm: Barclay busto
PokerStars online qualifier Ben Barclay found his short-stack all in preflop, and found a caller in an opponent from the big blind.

Barclay: K♥K♦
Opponent: Q♥Q♠

The flop of 3♥Q♦8♦ saw Barclay domination in the hand flipped upside down, and when the turn and river landed the 4♣ and 6♦, Barclay made a quick getaway to the rail. — TD

12.32pm: Vladimir vanquished
On a board reading 6♥5♥Q♣9♥5♦ Vladimir Geshkenbein was faced with an all in from PokerStars online qualifier Ramon Cserei.

Geshkenbein took nearly three minutes deliberating before making the call holding Q♦9♦, but it would be Cserei’s K♥7♥ for a flush to take the pot to move to 170,000 while also sending the season three PokerStars APPT Macau High Rollers Champion to the rail. — TD

12.30pm: Fazzino falls
Facing a raise to 2,000, PokerStars online qualifier Sal Fazzino three-bet to 6,000 only to have the short-stack in the big blind move all in and the original raiser followed also.

Fazzino took his time before making the call after committing a large chunk of his stack – and after tabling his J♥J♣ – wasn’t in the best shape against the original aggressor’s K♣K♥ and big blind’s 3♠3♥.

The board ran out A♥Q♦6♠J♠10♠ to see Fazzino improve but then get rivered to hit the rail along with the big blind. — TD

12.27pm: All ins
Cries of all in and call are ringing out from every corner of the room, details to come shortly. — SY

12.25pm: Action
We’re under way – you have to give the tournament staff here in Macau some credit as we’ve been off on time every day. Here’s a chat with Team PokerStars Pro Tony Hachem…
— SY

12.01pm: Day 2 soon to begin
After three gruelling days of day one play, the starting field of 342 has been cut down to just 160 who are all fighting for their lion’s share of the prizepool.

We are expecting to hit the money today with 120 players likely to miss out on the HK$64,700 min-cash, but most will be aiming high at the HK$3,246,200 first prize, coveted trophy and title of PokerStars APPT Macau Main Event Champion!

With all the flights merged it is the United Kingdom’s Darren Judges who is leading the charge with 173,800 in chips. Yapping at his heels however are some very talented players such as Henrik Gwinner (140,700), David Steicke (124,950), Jun Wei Liu (124,475), Ramon Cserei (118,250) and Brendon Rubie (114,375).

Although not blessed with an intimidating chip stack in comparison to those that are looking down from the top of the leaderboard, PokerStars Team Pro’s Raymond Wu (87,475), Celina Lin (31,450), Tony Hachem (17,200), Marcel Luske (15,775) and Eric Assadourian (14,575) are all still in the hunt. Throw in Aaron Benton (70,850), Alex Loon (62,075), Daren Yoon (59,650), Vladimir Geshkenbein (49,600) and Nam Le (21,900) and it is still truly anyone’s tournament to win!

Play is set to kick off at 12:15pm local time with the PokerStars Blog providing updates of every crucial bust out, massive blow up and rivered two-outer live from the tournament floor of the APPT Macau Main Event.

Don’t go anywhere! — TD


Chip leader Darren Judges

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Macau: Simon Young and Tim Duckworth (words), and Joe Giron (pictures)


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