APPT Macau: Day 3, level 15, 16, 17 & 18 updates (4,000-8,000, 500 ante)

May 22, 2010

4.35pm: End of the level
That’s the end of level 18. We have a ten-minute break and then move up to level 19 with blinds of 5,000-10,000 and a 1,000 ante. We have 18 players remainnig. — SY

4.22pm: Yoo falls
Young Hyun Yoo saw his remaining chips enter the middle of the pot and Mikhail Mazunin came along for the ride.

Yoo: A♥10♣
Mazunin: K♣Q♥

Although he began the hand in front, once the board was spread J♠2♣K♥10♠3♠, Yoo found himself on the rail in 19th place after being the longest lasting Korean player. — TD

4.15pm: Rubie rivers Broadway
PokerStars sponsored player Brendon Rubie had all his chips in the middle of the pot against Keith Hawkins.

Rubie: A♦Q♠
Hawkins: K♣10♣

The flop of K♠10♠2♣ gave Hawkins the lead and had Rubie in trouble, but the 5♠ on the turn gave him outs to a flush to go along with his gutshot straight draw.

No spade landed on the river, but instead it was the J♥ to see the Australian stay alive in the tournament. — TD


Brendon Rubie

4.12pm: Ngu straightened out
On a board reading 6♦3♦4♦5♥ Jessica Ngu found herself all in for her last 182,000 against Samuel Aronov and his A♣7♣.

Unfortunately for the Singaporean, the river landed the 10♣ to see Ngu eliminated in 20th place for a HK$89,100 payday as Aronov climbs to over 450,000 in chips. — TD


Jessica Ngu

4.05pm: Cherep culled
PokerStars online qualifier Timothy Cherep’s run in the Main Event has ended.

Holding 5♣5♦, Cherep was in a race against Jeppe Drivsholm’s Q♥10♣, and after the board was spread 7♠8♥J♦8♦9♠ the American hit the rail in 21st place for a HK$89,100 payday. — TD


Cheerio, Cherep

3.55pm: Jensen busts
Mikhail Mazunin made the call preflop to put Patrick Jensen at risk.

Mazunin: 7♥7♠
Jensen: 6♠6♦

The board fell J♥3♥9♠J♣3♣ to see Jensen eliminated as Mazunin climbs to over 400,000 in chips. — TD


Patrick Jensen can’t believe it

3.50pm: Cheung eliminated
Wee Yee Tan moved all in from the button and Park Yu Cheung made the call from the small blind for his tournament life.

Tan: A♣3♥
Cheung: K♦Q♣J♦5♣Q♥J♣ to put the Hong Kong native on the rail. — TD

3.48pm: Kronwitter triples
Jeppe Drivsholm opened to 18,000 from early position only to have Jonas Kronwitter and Patrick Jensen move all in for 65,000 and 106,000 respectively. Drivsholm made the call and we were off to a showdown.

Drivsholm: 10♠10♦
Kronwitter: K♠K♦
Jensen: Q♣Q♦

The board was spread 7♥3♣4♠3♦5♣ to see Kronwitter triple through to 210,000 as Drivsholm slipped to 150,000 and Jensen to 80,000 in chips. — TD

3.45pm: The state of play
With 22 left, John Chong has shot into the chip lead after knocking out a succession of players. Kai Paulsen is not far behind, but TJ Vorapanich, our overnight chip leader, has faded a little. Here are some of the notable stacks: — SY

John Chong, 852,000
Kai Paulsen, 760,000
Mikhail Mazunin, 535,000
TJ Vorapanich, 455,000
Albert Kim, 330,000


A happy John Chong

3.35pm: Rosen departs
We’re having trouble keeping up with the bust outs, such is the pace of eliminations here in Macau. On this one Mikail Rose bet 56,500 pre-flop and Albert Kim called. On the 5♣4♥7♥ flop Kim moved all in and Rosen called:

Rosen: K♥K♠
Kim: 7♦6♥

Kim needed to improve and the 8♥ turn filled up his straight. Rosen’s mini-revival is over. — TD

3.25pm: Juvonen out
Jukka Juvonen, a PokerStars qualifier here all the way from Finland, is now out and preparing to go home again. On a 3♦2♦J♦ flop he got it all in with Q♠Q♥ but was a mile behind the 6♦7♦ of Brian Green from Costa Rica. The 5♠ turn and 2♠ river changed nothing. — SY

3.20pm: Chong chops Chieng
Alex Chieng is out, another victim of Jon Chong, who has taken the chip lead at Macau. On a Q♥2♥4♥ flop, Chong moved all in with 2♣2♦ and Chieng made the call with J♥Q♣. The necessary heart failed to arrive on the 9♣ turn or the K♠ river and that was that for the man from France. — SY

3.14pm: Luske legged
Marcel Luske committed all but one 1,000-denomination chip preflop against Mikhail Mazunin.

Both players checked down the 5♠9♠4♥2♠6♣ board to see Luske table his A♣K♦ only to be bested by Mazunin’s A♥3♥ for a straight.


Marcel Luske with a chip and a chair… and a smile

The following hand Luske tossed in half his stack for an ante before finding A♣10♣ and tossing in the other half. Timothy Cherep jammed his short-stack in the pot, and once the remaining active players folded, he tabled his A♦4♠.

Unfortunately for the PokerStars Team Pro, the board ran out 7♣K♦9♦4♥5♦ to put Luske on the rail in 27th place for a HK$76,400 payday. — TD


Marcel Luske says farewell to his table

3.10pm: Judges KO’D
Darren Judges open-jammed for his last 79,500 and was called by Brian Green.

Judges: K♦Q♥
Green: A♠Q♠

The window card of the K♠ put Judges in front, but when the flop was spread K♠5♦A♦ it put Green back in the lead.

The Q♦ on the turn gave both players two pair but also left Judges drawing to a flush. Unfortunately for the one-time chip leader the 5♠ landed on the river to see him sent packing in 28th place as Green climbs to 350,000 in chips. — TD

3.05pm: Gwinner busts
Henrik Gwinner from Denmark is out, leaving us with 28 players. He was all in pre-flop with A♥J♣ against John Chong’s A♠10♠. Gwinner, our day 1B chip leader, begged the dealer not to do anything nasty – but although the window card was J♥ the remaining two cards on the flop were 9♣Q♣, giving Chong the open-ended straight draw. The turn filled the straight up, coming K♥ and and the 6♥ river was irrelevant. — TD

3pm: The end for Durrer
Michael Durrer is no more, losing a vital race against Kenny Nielsen. Durrer was all in for 85,000 with 10♥10♦ against Nielsen’s A♣Q♣ and the end was sudden as the flop came A♥J♥7♦[ followed by a 5♠ turn and K♦ river. — SY

2.55pm: Chieng still in the game
Alex Chieng doubled up, all in for 53,000 with 10♥10♣ against Mikail Rosen’s A♠10♦. The board ran an uneventful 2♠8♣2♣Q♣4♠ and Chieng, hidden behind dark glasses and black hoodie, remains in his seat. — SY


Alex Chieng

2.50pm: Oscar’s closing ceremony
Oscar Teran from Venezuala is out. He was in for his last 65,000 with 7♣8♣ on a 6♠9♠Q♦ flop, called by Keith Hawkins with K♦Q♠. Oscar was on the draw, but only managed a small pair on the 4♠ turn and 8♥ river. — SY


Oscar Teran gets up to leave

2.48pm: Swannack rivers Chong
Cole Swannack found himself all in preflop against Wing Cheong Chong.

Swannack: 7♥7♠
Chong: A♠A♣

Swannack was looking at heading to the rail until the river delivered on a final board of 5♦3♠8♥2♣7♦ to see the recent New Zealand Poker Championships runner up double through to over 200,000 in chips. — TD

2.45pm: Gonzales gone
On a flop of 8♣J♣8♥ Victorino Torres fired out a bet only to have Rundulf Gonzales move all in with Torres making the call.

Torres: Q♠J♠
Gonzales: K♣Q♣

The turn dropped the J♥ to put a lock on the pot for Torres, and after the meaningless 3♥ landed on the river, Gonzales hit the rail in 32nd place for a HK$78,400 payday. — TD

2.40pm: Level up
We’re now in level 17. Blinds are 3,000-6,000 with a 500 ante. — SY

2.35pm: Pay jump
With just 32 players left we are up to the $76,400 HKD pay bracket ($9,700 USD)

2.30pm: Ta-Ta Tsang
Elton Tsang found himself all in preflop against Wing Cheong Chong.

Tsang: A♠Q♥
Chong: J♣9♣

The board ran out 9♠6♠7♦J♦4♥ to see Tsang hit the rail in 33rd place for a HK$63,700 payday as Chong soars to over 610,000 in chips. — TD

2.20pm: Big pot sends Paulsen to chip lead
We mentioned the stacked tabled in the below post, and the big two have just clashed, sending Paulsen into the clear chip lead. We did not catch all the action, but our vigilant snapper Joe Giron reports Paulsen had Q♥Q♠ and Vorapanich had J♦K♠. The board was Q♦9♦2♥K♣8♣, which explains why so many chips moved across the table.

Paulsen is now on 800,000 – Vorapanich down to 400,000. — SY


Kai Paulsen

2.15pm: Lebedev doubles
Keith Hawkins kicked off a big pot with a open raise to 12,500. Michael Durrer, a PokerStars qualifier from Germany, bumped it up to 40,000 – and then Andriyan Lebedev moved all in for 81,000. Hawkins got out of the way but Durrer made the call:

Durrer: Q♥Q♠
Lebedev: A♦K♥

Lebedev hit the flop of 6♠8♦K♠ and stayed ahead on the 7♦ turn and 7♥ river. He doubled to 180,000. — SY

2.10pm: Killer table
Now sharing the same table are the two chip leaders, Kai Paulsen and TJ Vorapanich. Also there is Brendon Rubie – third in chips at the start of play today. — SY


Paulsen, right, Rubie, left with shades, Vorapanich, white shirt

2.05pm: Rose out
Barbara Rose is out, leaving Jessica Ngu as the only woman left standing in Macau. Rose pushed all in pre-flop and was called by Mikhail Mazunin and Alex Chieng. The flop was 10♦5♥6♥ and the Russian bet 36,000, forcing Chieng out of the pot.

Mazunin found his A♥A♦ had fallen behind Rose’s 10♥10♣ – but the A♣ on the turn regained him the lead, and the 7♠ river kept him there. Mazunin now up to 526,000 — SY


Barbara Rose can hardly look

2pm: Hawkins cracks aces to triple
Keith Hawkins pushed his last 45,100 into the pot and was called by Victorino Torres before Rundulf Gonzales moved all in from the button for 74,000. Torres made the call and the three hands were tabled.

Hawkins: K♣Q♠
Torres: 8♣8♦
Gonzales: A♣A♦

The board ran out 9♠5♠4♦10♠6♠ to give Hawkins a flush to triple to over 150,000 as Torres slips to 33,000 and Gonzales slip to 65,000. — TD


Keith Hawkins

1.50pm: Cedric eliminated
Raffi Cedric opened with a raise to 14,000 and once the action folded round to Wee Yee Tan in the big blind, he put Cedric all in with the Frenchman obliging.

Cedric: Q♥Q♦
Tan: 7♥7♠

Unfortunately for Cedric the flop fell down J♦5♦7♦ to give Tan a set but still leave Cedric drawing to a third Queen or a diamond that didn’t pair the board.

The J♥ on the turn cut down Cedric’s flush outs, and when the 3♥ landed on the river, the PokerStars online qualifier eliminated in 35th place for a HK$63,700 payday. — TD

1.48pm: Portnoff puts out
Robin Portnoff pushed his short stack all in from middle position and was instantly called by Mikael Rosen from the big blind.

Portnoff: Q♦J♥
Rosen: A♥K♥

The board ran out 6♣7♦4♥5♥2♥ to see Portnoff fall in 36th place as Rosen soars to 250,000 in chips. — TD

Chong’s aces hold against Kronwitter
Wing Cheong Chong and Jonas Kronwitter both committed a hefty amount of chips preflop in a four-bet pot to see a 8♥7♦5♣ flop fall.

Chong fired out 50,000 from under the gun and after nearly three minutes of deliberation, Kronwitter pushed all in with Chong immediately calling for his last 152,200 and tournament life.

Chong: A♥A♠
Kronwitter: 9♣9♥

The turn of the 7♣ changed little, and when the 4♠ landed on the river, Chong doubled through to 395,000 as Kronwitter slipped to 115,000 and change. — TD

1.40pm: Holley bushed
There’s no letting up in the action here. Matthew Holley shoved for his last 6,000, Timothy Cherep raised to 39,500 only for Mikael Rosen to move all in over the top for 107,500. It was folded back to Cherep who made an instant call:

Cherep: A♣A♠
Rosen: 9♠9♦
Holley: J♦3♠

Cherep was loving this – until the flop came J♥2♦9♥ making a set for Rosen. The turn was J♠ making trips for Holley but Rosen now had the full house. The river was Q♥ and Rosen took a huge pot to move over 240,000, much to Cherep’s disgust. — SY


Happy: Mikail Rosen


Unhappy: Timothy Cherep

1.35pm: Lindberg crushed
Niklas Lindberg goes out in a horrible manner. He shoved for his last 20,000 with 9♠9♥ and was called by Brian Green in the big blind with Q♠7♣. The flop was a safe 5♥A♦8♣, but the turn was 9♦ giving Green the slim chance of a straight. The river took no account of the odds, coming 6♥ sending the unlucky Lindberg to the rail.

“That’s a hand one player will not forget for a very long time,” the floor staff announced over the microphone. — SY

1.30pm: Rose blossoms
Barbara Rose gets a double up, moving in with pocket nines and staying ahead of A-2 when the board ran 8-K-8-3-5. — SY

1.25pm: Level up
We move into level 16 with blinds at 2,500-5,000 with a 500 ante. — SY

1.20pm: Sayonara Suzuki
Japanese player Takuya Sukuki found himself all in preflop holding A♠5♠ against Alexandre Chieng’s 9♦7♦.

The board ran out 4♦8♣2♣7♠J♦ to see Sukuki eliminated in 39th place for a HK$63,700 payday as Chieng climbs to 190,000 in chips. — TD

1.18pm: Haabak halted
PokerStars online qualifier Jesse Haabak three-bet all in following a Binh Nguyen open. Nguyen made the call and the cards were tabled.

Haabak: A♥J♣
Nguyen: A♠Q♠

The flop of 10♠9♠5♣ kept Nguyen squarely in front and left Haabak drawing to just two outs or a running combination for a straight.

Unfortunately for Haabak, the 8♠ landed on the turn to send him out in 40th place for a HK$63,700 payday, and just to rub it in, the dealer dropped the J♠ on the river to give Nguyen a straight flush as he moves to over 340,000 in chips. — TD

1.10pm: Takashi Ogura the bubble boy
Well that was a pretty painless bubble period – for us anyway. Not so for Takashi Ogura, who has busted on the second deal of hand-for-hand play, and is the last player to go home with nothing.

The man from Japan was all-in for around 50,000 with A♠J♠ and up against Mikhail Mazunin from Russia with 10♥10♦. The flop came 3♦5♠4♣, adding a gutshot draw to Ogura’s outs. The turn was 4♠ and now he had a flush draw as well (so long as it was not a 10♠). So any spade, any two, any ace or any jack would save him – but the river missed them all, coming a harmless 3♥.

Everyone now has at least $63,700 HKD – or $8,100 USD. — SY


Takashi Ogura gets the bad news

1.05pm: Bubble time!
We are now on the bubble!

Play is going hand for hand until we lose one more.

1.02pm: Rosen triples
Jeppe Drivsholm opened to to 9,000 from early position and was three-bet by Takuya Suzuki from the cutoff to 25,100. Sitting in the small blind, Mikael Rosen pushed his last 31,600 into the pot and was called by both Drivsholm and Suzuki.

The flop fell down 6♠9♠3♦ an Drivsholm slid out a stack of yellow 5,000-denomination chips amounting to a bet of 100,000. Suzuki took his time before folding his 10♥10♣ face up.

Drivsholm: J♥9♥
Rosen: 10♠10♦

With Rosen ahead for his tournament life, the turn and river would land the 5♠ and K♥ to see the APPT Manila bubble boy stay alive and triple through to over 100,000 in chips as Drivsholm slips to 190,000 and Suzuki slides down to roughly 60,000 in chips. — TD

12.45pm: Coetzer out, bubble looms
We’re down to 42 players with the elimination of Conrad Coetzer. That means just two more will go out empty-handed. Once the bubble bursts everyone guaranteed $63,700 HKD – about $8,100 USD.

Coetzer had moved all in for 47,700 and Albert Kim made the call from the big blind with A♠2♣ – well ahead of Coetzer’s J♥5♥. The board ran A♥10♣8♠5♠3♣ to send the man from South Africa to the rail. — SY


Conrad Coetzer

12.37pm: Hawkins all in
The UK’s Keith Hawkins faced a 10,000 bet pref-flop from Kenny Nielsen and pushed all in for 38,000 more. Nielsen didn’t take long to muck. — SY

12.35pm: Coetzer doubles
Conrad Coetzer, the day’s shortest stack, was all in with 7♦7♠ and got a call from chip leader TJ Vorapanich holding A♠J♦. The board of 8♦5♣8♣6♣4♦ improved Coetzer’s hand to a straight, and he’s now up to 80,000. — SY

12.28pm Patry crippled then eliminated
In a battle of the blinds, Guillaume Patry put his big blind opponent Binh Nguyen to the test with an all push from the small blind.

Nguyen called tabling his 8♣8♠ to be in great shape against Patry’s 4♠2♣, and after the board blanked out 7♣3♠6♦K♥10♦ Nguyen doubled through to 190,000 as Patry was left crippled with just 35,000.

A few hands later Patry committed his remaining stack with K♠K♥ against Kai Paulsen’s A♦8♦, but a board of 2♥8♠3♦8♣10♦ would see Patry’s kings cracked to push him to the rail as the day’s first casualty. — TD


Guillaume Patry: out

12.20pm: We’re off
Bang on time, we’re under way. — SY

11.45am: Serious work begins
Welcome back for day 3 of PokerStars APPT Macau. We’re at the business end of things: 44 players are left and only 40 of them will get paid. After we get through the bubble, which may or may not be a drawn out affair, we have one mission – to play down to our final table of nine.

Top of the pops right now is TJ Vorapanich from the US, with 472,900, followed by Kai Paulsen on 416,800 and Brendon Rubie on 299,300. Still in the hunt is Team PokerStars Pro Marcel Luske, who bagged up 93,000 last night. — SY

We’re due to get under way at 12.15pm. Here’s how they’ll be sitting down:

1 1 – Takuya Suzuki Japan 96,000
1 3 – Timothy Cherep United States 146,800
1 4 – Mikael Rosen Sweden 37,600
1 5 – Matthew Holley Northern Mariana Islands 50,900
1 6 – Barbara Rose Australia 39,500
1 7 – Jeppe Drivsholm Denmark 224,400
1 8 – Robin Portnoff Sweden 88,900

6 1 – Takashi Ogura Japan 67,500
6 3 – Andriyan Lebedev Russia 250,700
6 4 – Keith Hawkins United Kingdom 54,200
6 5 – Victorino Torres United States 86,300
6 6 – Mikhail Mazunin Russia 205,000
6 7 – Kenny Nielsen Denmark 166,100
6 8 – Rundulf Gonzales Philippines 109,400

7 1 – Conrad Coetzer South Africa 36,900
7 2 – Marcel Luske Netherlands 93,000
7 3 – Albert Kim United States 125,300
7 5 – Cole Swannack New Zealand 160,200
7 6 – Yong Hyun Yoo Korea 188,700
7 7 – TJ Vorapanich United States 472,900
7 8 – Sparrow Cheung Hongkong 172,300

15 1 – Jonas Kronwitter Germany 241,900
15 2 – Elton Tsang Hong Kong 233,000
15 3 – Henrik Gwinner United Kingdom 116,200
15 5 – Patrick Jensen Denmark 152,000
15 6 – Lam Trinh United Kingdom 57,600
15 7 – John Chong Hong Kong 148,100
15 8 – Jesse Haabak United States 136,700

16 1 – Colin Ip Macau 189,700
16 2 – Brendon Rubie Australia 299,300
16 3 – Darren Judges United Kingdom 106,700
16 4 – Brian Green Costa Rica 190,900
16 5 – Wee Yee Tan Singapore 112,700
16 6 – Raffi Cedric France 165,000
16 7 – Jukka Juvonen Finland 204,400
16 8 – Niklas Lindberg Sweden 39,300

20 1 – Jessica Ngu Australia 149,700
20 2 – Oscar Teran Venezuela 212,200
20 3 – Alexandre Chieng France 103,100
20 4 – Michael Durrer Germany 218,600
20 5 – Kai Paulsen Norway 416,800
20 6 – Samuel Aronov United States 102,000
20 7 – Guillaume Patry Canada 127,000
20 8 – Binh Nguyen United States 87,400


Chip leader TJ Voranapich

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Macau: Tim Duckworth and Simon Young (words), and Joe Giron (pictures)


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