APPT Macau: Dreams are made of this

September 07, 2008

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We first met Julien Langvan on day 1C of the APPT Macau main event. A Frenchman, Langvan was born with a birth defect limiting the use of his arms.

However, he can still play poker without trouble, and is currently living the poker dream after winning a televised French tournament, which earned him two years of PokerStars Sponsored player status to all the APPT, LAPT, EPT, and WSOP events until the end of 2009.

A resident of the French provincial city of St Etienne, he started playing poker online at PokerStars with the User ID zabriskir, but soon graduated to live games in a local poker room. Langvan prefers the comfortable atmosphere in smaller poker rooms to the bright lights of big casinos.

Julien Langvan, living in a two year freeroll

Langvan told us he is a “comportementaliste,” which as far as the closest online French-English dictionary can tell us, is a type of behavioural scientist. This makes sense because Langvan says he likes the “psychologie” of poker, and the adrenalin he gets from playing in big pots.

Well just quickly scanning the other players at his table, we know the Frenchman is going to get plenty of that, as sitting down with him are Team PokerStars Pro player, Bertrand ‘ElkY’ Grospellier; PokerStars sponsored players, Terrence ‘Not Johnny’ Chan, Ivan Tan, and Dan ‘Rekrul’ Schreiber; and Steve Sung. This who’s who of aggressive players have taken half of Langvan’s stack during play today; but a better poker classroom he could not hope to have.


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