APPT Macau: Eights – lucky for the Chinese, lucky for Steicke

September 04, 2008

We expected fireworks between David Steicke and Kofi Farkye at table 18, and eventually the wick was ignited during level 10 on day 2 of the APPT Macau main event.

David Steicke seated next to ElkY earlier on day 2.

The young American had already doubled up Steicke (Farkye’s K-Q failed to connect with a 10-high board, which paired Steicke’s A-10), action in the pivotal hand between the pair started with a pre-flop raise from early position, Farkye called then Steicke popped it to 13,600. The EP player folded, Farkye pushed all-in for about 48,000 and Steicke called, after a long think.

The Hong Kong-based Aussie showed pocket eights (appropriately, a lucky number in Chinese society), with Farkye showing Ad-10h. The board again missed Farkye (9s-3h-Kd-6d-4h), and the man who barely utters a word at the table was rendered completely speechless. That hand propelled Steicke to 170,000 and into third spot on the chip count behind Andre Wagner and Yeongsok Choi.

Chad Brown: PokerStars EPT Barcelona bound.

It’s been a lousy session for the Team PokerStars Pros with Joe Hachem’s elimination being preceded by Chad Brown’s departure at the hands of Andre Wagner.

Mercier’s stack eventually pleased for mercy.

Isabelle “No Mercy” Mercier’s stack was taken off life support after she pushed all-in for her last 8400 from the cut-off with Qh-9d, with the call coming from Indonesia’s Steve Djingga. He showed Qs-Js, Mercier took the lead with a nine on the flop but Djingga hit a jack on the turn.

John Juanda with Team PokerStars Pro Lee “Final Table” Nelson.

Seated next to the masked man John Juanda, Lee “Final Table” Nelson lost half his stack to the Indonesian-born pro Juanda when the board missed his A-Q (2-4-6-10-7) against pocket jacks. Nelson is down to 16,000 and looking for help.

The tournament is over for Dan Schreiber.

PokerStars Sponsored player Dan Schreiber, who final tabled at the APPT Seoul main event last year, has also left the tournament area when he failed to chase down pocket queens on a Kh-Jc-5s-9c-8h board.

The make-up might be missing, but ElkY was invoked the spirit of The Joker and taken his stack to more than 70,000 to keep the Team PokerStars Pro flag waving on day 2.

Play in level 11 has just commenced, with 99 players remaining. Already 109 players have been eliminated today in just over three hours, and we’re only 43 spots away from the money.

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