APPT Macau: Gill up to monkey business as MacPhee goes ape

September 05, 2008

With the TV cameras rolling, the big personalities are coming to the fore in the APPT Macau main event.

Friends are in short supply for Carter Gill.

Carter Gill has adopted a monkey as a ventriloquist dummy, and is taking advice from the soft toy. But after showing aces to take down a big pot just before the last break, APPT tournament director Danny McDonagh warned that Carter was sailing close to the wind in terms of declaring his hand. The monkey has since gone quiet.

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Gill’s good friend and PokerStars qualifier Kevin MacPhee has also just put on a show for the 441 TV crew when he slammed a water bottle to the floor.

A steaming Kevin MacPhee.

That came after a massive three-way pot between MacPhee and all-in players Mudasser Khan and Kenny Hicks. MacPhee held pocket aces, Hicks pocket eights and Khan K-6. The board came down 3d-6s-4c-5c-7c, giving Hicks a straight on the river. After yesterday’s blow-up on the bubble, the resurrection of Kenny Hicks is well underway.

David Chiu claims another victim.

There have been some big movers in the past hour, with 2008 WPT Championship winner David Chiu among them. Norway’s Ole Steinvik moved all-in on a flop of Kc-Jh-6h with 8h-7h but Chiu was chasing the nut flush (Ah-9h). Neither player connected on the turn (Qs) or river (6d), sending Steinvik out in 23rd place.

Korea’s So Myung Sim.

So Myung Sim has also rocketed up the chip count and claimed another pile of chips when he KOed Eugene Borukhov of the USA. It was the A-K of Borukhov against Sim’s pocket kings, which played on a board of 3-5-3-5-5

No joy for Jung Hyun Choi.

But the big story of the day has been Singapore’s Diwei Huang. After losing a big pot on the first orbit of the day to John Juanda, Huang has shot to more than 850,000 in chips after eliminating Korea’s Jung Hyun Choi. After a flop of Jh-5s-9c, the money went in with Choi holding 10s-7s and Huang Ah-Jd but running fives eliminated Choi.

Recent eliminations and payouts

19 Jung Hyun Choi (Korea) HKD $75,860
20 Kevin MacPhee (USA) HKD $75,860
21 Mudasser Khan (USA) HKD $75,860
22 Eugene Borukhov (USA) HKD $75,860
23 Ole Steinvik (Norway) HKD $75,860


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