APPT Macau: Great Scott, Andrew’s in the lead

September 07, 2008

Andrew Scott is a good friend of David Steicke. Like David, Andrew has only recently started playing tournament poker and has been a great supporter of the APPT (in fact, he’s been one of a handful of players to enter every APPT event played so far).

A steelier Andrew Scott tops the chip count early on day one.

Scott hasn’t experienced the success of Steicke but has worked hard to improve his game in pursuit of that breakthrough result. But Andrew’s never-ending smile has started to fade over the past week as bad beat after bad beat have dented his resolve during this sojourn to Macau.

Not normally one to let his feelings out at the table, Scott has twice leapt from his seat and declared to the entire Grand Waldo Casino that he’s “finally won a race”.

His victim, on both occasions, was Russian Yevgeniy Timoshenko. On the first hand between the duo, Scott raised pre-flop to 800, Timoshenko made to 2600, Scott moved all-in for 14,000 and Timoshenko called. And it was a race – Scott’s Ah-Ks against Timoshenko’s queens. The board duly delivered Scott what he wanted to see: Ac-2d-6h-5d-9s.

On the same orbit, the money again went in pre-flop (only after time had been called on both Scott and Timoshenko) – this time it was Scott who held pocket queens and Timoshenko Ac-Kc. The board was jack-high – 7d-8s-Jh-7c-4s – sending Timoshenko to the rail and Scott into the tournament lead with 60,000.

Meanwhile, the defending champion and PokerStars Sponsored player Eric Assadourian has claimed a big scalp with the elimination of John “The Razor” Phan. On a flop of 4c-9s-8d, Phan bet 2500 and Assadourian called.

Assadourian blunts the challenge of John “The Razor” Phan.

The turn was the 5h, with Phan taking the bait lured by Assadourian to push all-in with pocket 10s, only to find the Sydneysider holding pocket nines for top set. Assadourian is now up to more than 50,000.


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