APPT Macau: Level 16 updates

August 29, 2009

Live updates from day 3 of APPT Macau Main Event brought to you by Sean Callander and Landon Blackhall from PokerStars Macau at the Grand Lisboa Hotel and Casino. Click refresh to see the latest updates below, while the latest selected chip counts can be found by clicking here.

Level 16 (blinds 3000-6000, ante 500)

2.10pm: High Roller players take their seats

‘Eight’ is the lucky number in Chinese culture, so it makes perfect sense that the buy-in for the 2009 APPT Macau High Roller event is HKD $88,800. Even better for the locals, players will start with 88,800 in chips! It looks as if the field will break 50 players. We’ll keep an eye on the High Roller in between hands in the APPT Macau Main Event. After 10 players were KOed in the first hour, there hasn’t been a single elimination in the past hour. The biggest cheer came from Charles Lam, who rivered a flush with A♥ 10♥ against the set of sevens of UK Pokerstars Macau Satellite Winner Dermot Blain. That took Lam to 140,000.

1.50pm: Sombero’s stack heading south

You may have noticed that level 16 is going on, and on, and on. A small glitch last night when the clock was wound back after the bubble period meant we actually started today at level 15. So here we are, back in level 16. No eliminations in the past 20 minutes, but some big moves at either end of the chip count. Brandon Demes has regained the chip lead on 600,000, but Wally Sombero’s stack is in freefall. The ever-popular Filipino is down to just 135,000. The latest hit to his stack came from Jicheng Su, who called Sombero’s all-in after the flop of K♥ A♣ 3♠. The Chinese PokerStars Macau satellite winner showed A♠ 3♦, while King Wally’s A♦ 10♣ needed help. It didn’t eventuate on the turn 2♦ and river 4♠. Jicheng Su is up to 275,000. We’re at 32 players at the mid-point of the level.


Roger Spets adds a 35th to his 2007 APPT Manila and Seoul final tables

1.30pm: Spets collects third APPT cash

Roger Spets joins a select group of players with three APPT cashes after finishing 35th here in the APPT Macau Main Event. The short-stacked Swede, who scored two final tables in the APPT’s first season, was bowled over by Darkhan Botabayev’s 3-9 when the Kazakh found threes on the flop and river against Spets’ A-10. Theo Tran’s tournament is over after Canadian Shawn Buchanan made a set of fours on the flop against the US PokerStars Qualifier’s A-7. China’s Winfred Yu followed in 33rd, eliminated by Canadian Tran Linh, The Pokerstars Macau Satellite Winner held A♣ A♦, which led wire-to-wire against Yu’s 6♣ 6♠.

1.15pm: Short stacks under attack

The APPT Macau Main Event field is down to 35 with the eliminations continuing to tick over. The short-stacked Carlos Chang was confirmed 38th when the last of his chips were committed with 7♦ 3♦ against the A♦ Q♠ of Sunny Bjayana. Chang actually made two-pair on a board of 3♠ Q♦ 9♣ 7♣ 9♥ but found his hand counterfeited. UK PokerStars Player Karl Mahrenholz bowed out in 37th after he made a final stand with 10♥ 9♠ against the J♥ 6♥ of Michael Collins. The board showed 10♠ J♦ 3♠ 7♣ J♣ sending Collins to 365,000 and Mahrenholz on his way. Van Binh Pham stretched his short stack to the next pay level, but his run ended in 36th in a race of J♦ J♣ against the A♣ Q♠ of Daniel Hansson. The Swedish PokerStars Qualifier found an ace on the flop, and the Canadian is off to collect HKD $ 64,500.


Comeback kid Van Marcus is back in the hunt

12.55pm: Demes dominates in early stages

Brandon Demes is on the move after taking out another player in the opening 30 minutes of play. The PokerStars Player didn’t hesitate to make the call with K♥ K♠ against the A-K of Taipei’s Hsuan Lee. The board fell 6♣ J♦ 7♦ 6♠ 10♥, sending Lee, a Pokerstars Sponsored Player, out in 40th. The remarkable comeback of Van Marcus continues – the 2008 APPT Manila Main Event was down to just a few thousand in chips yesterday but is up to 200,000 after his K-4 found a friend on the turn against the A-J of Carlos Chang. The Taipei player has barely 20,000 left.


Dan Schreiber bows out with a record-equalling third APPT cash

12.40pm: Last Team Asia Pro is out

Bust-outs are coming thick and fast. Canada’s Dbinder Singh sent H.C. Lin from Taipei to the rail in 42nd when his A-Q connected against the pocket 10s of the Pokerstars Sponsored Player. Former chip leader Brandon Demes has started strongly by claiming the scalp of Australian PokerStars Qualifier Stanley Hou (41st) and the final Team Asia Pro, Daniel Schreiber is also out. His pocket sixes were always dominated by the pocket jacks of Swede PokerStars Qualifier Stefan Hjorthall on a board that ran out A♥ K♣ 7♣ Q♥ 2♥.


Last lady left: Pokerstars Macau Satellite Winner Youngshin Im

12.25pm: 7 x 6 = 42; cards in the air

Players have arrived for day three of the APPT Macau Main Event, with the remaining 42 players spread over seven tables. Each of the top seven players has been placed on a different table – another innovation from APPT tournament director Danny McDonagh. Red 25,000 chips have been introduced for the first time. And shame on us for not mentioning in last night’s wrap the one remaining female player – Pokerstars Macau Satellite Winner Youngshin Im from Korea, who holds 163,500 (just under the chip average of 193,000).


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