APPT Macau: Level 21 updates (final table)

August 30, 2009

Live updates from the final table of the APPT Macau Main Event brought to you by Sean Callander and Landon Blackhall from PokerStars Macau at the Grand Lisboa Hotel and Casino. Click refresh to see the latest updates below, while the latest selected chip counts can be found by clicking here.

Level 21 (blinds 10,000-20,000, ante 2000)


Dbinder Singh’s aggression is paying dividends

1.30pm: Singh on song

Dbinder Singh continues to be the aggressor in the early stages of the APPT Macau Main Event final table. Action folded around to the Canadian, who made a raise from the button to 50,000, only to have Jeff Su call from the small blind. It was heads-up at the flop of 9♣ A♦ 8♦ – Su led out for 40,000 and Singh called and it was check-check on the turn of the 6♦. On the river of the 5♦, Su checked, Singh fired out 100,000 in chips and Su made the call. Singh rolled up J♠ 10♠. “I knew you missed,” Siu said as he rolled up 7♥ 5♠ for a turned straight.

1.15pm: Rollin’ in the High Roller

It’s also day two of the APPT Macau High Roller event has also kicked off, with 25 of the 64 players who took their seats yesterday back for the chase to the HKD $2,067,200 first prize. This event is being played in PokerStars Macau, from where Jenn Barr will be providing us with updates throughout the day. The seta draw for day two is:

Table 6

Seat 1: Kent Del Rosario 177,500
Seat 2: Daniel Chan (Pokerstars Macau Satellite Winner) 318,000
Seat 3: Takashi Ogura (Pokerstars Macau Satellite Winner) 180,000
Seat 4: Grant Levy ( Team Australia) 236,000
Seat 5: Danny Huynh 199,500
Seat 8: Derek Cheung 131,000

Table 7

Seat 1: Nicholas Wong 227,500
Seat 2: Gap Young Kim 339,000
Seat 4: Choon Siang Tan 291,000
Seat 5: Michael Marvanek 131,000
Seat 6: In Wook Choi 307,500
Seat 7: Lee Nelson ((PokerStars Sponsored Player) 163,000
Seat 8: Allan Le 55,000

Table 15

Seat 1: Johnny Chan (PokerStars Sponsored Player) 158,000
Seat 3: Will Ma 132,500
Seat 4: Yevgeniy Timoshenko 356,000
Seat 5: Ikeuchi Kazuki 122,000
Seat 7: Neil Arce 95,000
Seat 8: Terrence Chan 231,000

Table 16

Seat 1: Gia Dang Trinh 250,000
Seat 2: JJ Liu 406,000
Seat 3: Elton Tsang 87,500
Seat 4: Jonathan Karamalikis 448,500
Seat 5: Andrew Chen 164,000
Seat 6: Vladimir Geshkenbein 478,000


Darkhan Botabayev climbs to the top of the chip count in the early going

1pm: Botabayev edges ahead

Déjà vu … after a raise from Jicheng “Jeff” Su to 60,000, Daoxing Chen made it 160,000 in the cut-off, then Dbinder Singh pushed all-in for 532,000. As was the case yesterday, Chen took his time to make a decision but eventually folded, showing A-Q. That gave the Canadian the first major pot of the day. Darkhan Botabayev is the new chip leader after he pushed all-in on a board of 7♦ K♠ 8♣ 4♣, with Su electing to fold. That added more than 200,000 to the stack of the Kazakh, taking him to 1.8 million and narrowly ahead of Mike Kim.

12.40pm: APPT takes centre stage

APPT tournament director Danny McDonagh has just introduced the final table participants to the rail, which is packed around the feature table. APPT President Jeffrey Haas and PokerStars Asia Regional Director David Jung were also on hand to wish the nine players the best of luck. What a diverse line-up, with players from three continents including four combatants representing Asia. Korea’s Mike Kim won the “symbolic” first hand of the day, with a raise to 50,000 enough to scoop up the chips.


The set for today’s APPT Macau Main Event final table

12.15pm: Lights, camera, action

Welcome to the APPT Macau Main Event final table, direct from the Grand Lisboa Hotel and Casino. Players have been relocated from the PokerStars Macau poker room to the main gaming area today, with a feature table set up in the centre of the floor, ensuring plenty of attention for poker’s biggest event in Macau. The nine players are currently being interviewed by local TV crews, with play scheduled to start in about 10 minutes. The blinds are being wound back to level 21 for the final table (10,000/20,000 with an ante 2000). The line-up for today’s final table is:

Seat 1: Dermot Blain, Dublin, Ireland (507,000 in chips)
Seat 2: Mike Kim, Seoul, Korea (1,653,000 in chips)
Seat 3: Daoxing Chen, Wenzhou City, China (1,747,000 in chips)
Seat 4: Brandon Demes, Phoenix, Arizona, USA (578,000 in chips)
Seat 5: Stefan Hjorthall, Sweden (454,000 in chips)
Seat 6: Dbinder Singh, Calgary, Alberta, Canada (696,000 in chips)
Seat 7: Darkhan Botabayev, Kazakhstan (1,455,000 in chips)
Seat 8: Jicheng Su, Beijing, China (778,000 in chips)
Seat 9: Pontus Kers, Gävle, Sweden (491,000 in chips)

The structure available for today’s play is:

Level 21: 10,000/20,000 (ante 2000)
Level 22: 12,000/24,000 (ante 3000)
Level 23: 15,000/30,000 (ante 3000)
Level 24: 20,000/40,000 (ante 4000)
Level 25: 25,000/50,000 (ante 5000)
Level 26: 30,000/60,000 (ante 5000)
Level 27: 40,000/80,000 (ante 5000)
Level 28: 50,000/100,000 (ante 10000)
Level 29: 60,000/120,000 (ante 10000)
Level 30: 80,000/160,000 (ante 20000)
Level 31: 100,000/200,000 (ante 20000)

For complete chip count, click here

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