APPT Macau: Levels 4, 5, 6 & 7 updates (300-600, 75 ante)

May 18, 2010

8.00pm: Play ends!
Play has now ended for the night.

Stay tuned to the PokerStars Blog for a full wrap and updated chip counts.

7.56pm: Team Pr-owned
Vladimir Geshkenbein opened to 1,500 from middle position and was called by an opponent in the small blind before Team PokerStars Pro Asia member Raymond Wu three-bet to 5,500 from the big blind.

Geshkenbein made the call as the player trapped in the middle passed to see the dealer spread a K♥5♦7♠ flop. Wu led out for 6,500 only to have Geshkenbein bump the action to 14,000. Wu took his allotted time before making the call as the 6♥ landed on the turn.

Both players checked as the J♥ peeled on the river. Wu checked once again and Geshkenbein asked the dealer to spread the pot.

After running some calculations in his head the Russian choose to slid in three half-stacks of 500-denomination chips amounting to a bet of 15,000.

Immediately Wu tossed in three 5,000-denomination chips to make the call as Geshkenbein tabled his K♦Q♠ for top pair. However it would be Wu’s 8♣4♥ for a turned gutshot straight enough to see him rake in the pot on the final hand and receive some stunned looks from the table and especially Geshkenbein as he climbed to over 87,000 in chips. — TD

7.45pm: Four more hands!
Just as he started the day by uttering those immortal words of “shuffle up and deal”, Marcel Luske has ended the day by choosing a card equalling just four more hands of play to remain.

The remaining 47 players will play four more hands before their chips will be bagged and tagged and play will cease for the evening.

7.27pm: Chieng eliminates qualifier
On a board of A♣3♣4♦ Aaron Walters found his short-stack all in holding K♣J♣ to be up against Alex Chieng’s 4♥3♠.

The turn landed the 5♥ to give Walters additional outs to chop, but when the 9♦ landed on the river the PokerStars qualifier hit the rail as Chieng soared to 96,000 in chips. — TD

7.15pm: Geshkenbein over 100k!
After a series of preflop raises Vladimir Geshkenbein had his opponent all in with the pot sitting just over 100,000.

Geshkenbein: A♠A♥
Opponent: 10♥10♦

The board ran out J♣8♣7♠4♦9♣ to see Geshkenbein river a straight to send his opponent crashing to the rail after ironically doubling an opponent up the previous hand after running into Aces. — TD

7.10pm: The qualifiers
We have PokerStars qualifiers here from all over the world. The video team caught up with some of them…

7.05pm: Durrer in control
Michael Durrer is approaching the 100,000 mark after winning a big pot against fellow big stack Mikhail Mazunin. For the second hand in a row Mazunin made it 1,450 pre-flop, but after winning the first uncontested, Durrer came along for the ride on this one. Everyone else got out of the way and the two of them saw a 7♦K♠J♥ flop. Mazunin bet 2,725 and then called when Durrer bumped it up to 7,725.

Mazunin then checked the 10♣ turn and called when Durrer bet 12,000. Finally, Mazunin checked and then folded when the German kept up the pressure with a 19,000 bet on the 3♥ river.

These two are by far the busiest at the table, keeping the likes of Team PokerStars Pro Celina Lin (13,000) much quieter than she would like. Durrer is up to 94,000, Mazunin down to 60,000. — SY

6.50pm: Level up
That’s the end of level six. We’re on a ten-minute break and then we start level seven,the last level of the day, with blinds at 300-600 (75 ante). — SY

6.45pm: Seet surrenders to Yoon
Nathanael Seet has just hit the rail shy of the final break in play.

Seet pushed his short-stack into the middle and was called by Daren Yoon.

Seet held 9♦2♦ for a flush draw, but it would be Yoon’s A♦8♦ for a higher flush draw in the lead. When a third diamond landed on the river, Seet hit the rail as Yoon added some much needed chips to his stack. — TD


Nathanael Seet leaves

6.40pm: Runner-runner for Paulsen
With 1,950 in the pot and the board reading 5♠9♥A♦4♣4♦ Kai Paulsen led out for 1,500 from the small blind only to have Daren Yoon raise the action to 4,500.

The third opponent in the hand – Jessica Ngu – thought for a little before making the call. Looking rather upset at the action that had developed after his river bet, Paulsen tossed three blue 1,000-denomination chips into the pot to signify a call.

Yoon mucked his hand while Ngu tabled her 6♣6♦. However it would be Paulsen’s 4♥3♥ that would take the pot and see the Norwegian push upwards of 68,000 in chips. — TD

6.30pm: Barclay wins battle of the blinds
In a battle of the blinds, Ben Barclay found himself all in against an opponent form the small blind.

Barclay: Q♣Q♥
Opponent: A♣J♥

The board ran out 2♦2♠4♦J♣K♥ to see Barclay eliminate his slightly shorter-stacked opponent as he moves to just under 18,000 in chips. –TD

6.25pm: Here’s Raymond Wu
Team PokerStars Pro Wu is going along nicely here in Day 1A. He talked a little earlier to the video blog team…

6.20pm: River killer
Jeauneaux Yovan, a PokerStars qualifier from France, was looking good for a timely double up when he got all in for 12,000 with A♥K♣ – in great shape against Michael Durrer’s A♦7♦. The flop ran nicely – 2♣8♦5♠ – and the 3♣ turn was pretty good as well. But the river was 7♠ making a pair for Durrer.

That sent Yovan on his way – and put Durrer up to around 75,000. — SY

6.10pm: Lady love for Paulsen
Facing a raise to 1,400, Kai Paulsen bumped the action from the button to 4,800.

With the action back on his opponent, he four-bet to 12,500 only to have Paulsen instantly five-bet all in for an additional 14,725. Paulsen’s opponent made the call tabling 9♠9♥ to be in bad shape against Paulsen’s Q♣Q♦.

The board ran out 3♦J♦3♠6♥2♦ to see Paulsen find a much needed double to over 55,000 and change. — TD


Kai Paulsen

5.48pm: Level up!
We are now heading into level six. Blinds are 250-500 with a 50-ante.

5.45pm: Mazunin cracks set of aces
Mikhail Mazunin, a PokerStars qualifier from Russia, moved to within touching distance of the chip leaders after his rivered flush cracked a flopped set of aces. The defeated man picked up his coat and left the tournament area in a hurry before we had a chance to ask his name, but suffice to say he won’t be delighted that Mazunin is now on a high.

The board was showing A♦J♥10♦4♦ when Mazunin bet 3,500 and his opponent raised to 10,500. Mazunin then bet 25,400 on top, all in, call. Mazunin had A♣K♦ for top pair and the nut flush draw, his opponent A♠A♥ for the flopped set. The river was Q♦ bringing a flush for the Russian, and that was that. — SY

5.41pm: Aronov finds unusual double
Jessica Ngu opened to 1,200 from middle position and was called by Samuel Aronov, Kai Paulsen and Daren Yoon.

The flop of 7♥4♥8♦ was checked by both Ngu and Aronov as Paulsen fired out 3,600. Yoon passed, but both Ngu and Aronov made the call to see the J♥ peel on the turn.

Again the action was checked to Paulsen who tossed out three chips amounting to a bet of 5,200. Ngu thought for a few moments before moving all in for roughly 38,000 to now put the PokerStars qualifier in Aronov to a decision.

After about three minutes, Aronov committed his last 12,750 in chips as Paulsen shook his head in frustration before throwing his cards into the muck.

Amazingly however Ngu looked back down at her hand and folded it as well to put a look of shock and awe on the players seated at the table. Even Aronov was confused, and as the pot was pushed to him he flashed his A♥A♦ while gladly raking in the pot to push him to over 46,000 and change. — TD


Samuel Aranov

5.25pm: When bad bluffs turn good
Jesse Haabak has taken the probably chip lead after an ill-timed bluff ended up knocking out the unfortunate Seoyong Chin.

Chin, a PokerStars qualifier from the US, had open-raised from the button and then called when Haabak made it 2,400 more from the big blind. The flop was an innocent looking 3♠7♥[4] but then it all kicked off. Haabak, a PokerStars qualifier from the US, made it 4,000, Chin re-raised to 11,000, Haabak raised again – enough to Chin all in – and got a call!

Chin: 9♠9♦ for the overpair
Haabak: A♣6♠ for nothing but an overcard and a gutshot draw

The turn of 5♥ filled that unlikely straight, and the 6♥ river changed nothing, sending the unlucky Chin to the rail – and Haabak up to 78,000.

“Oh my,” remarked Marc Saber in seat 1. Oh my indeed. — SY


Jesse Haabak

5.15pm: Qualifer Cunz doubles
With the action folding round to PokerStars qualifier Kristopher Cunz, he pushed his last 3,975 into the middle from the cutoff.

Joachim Chia looked Cunz up and down before deciding to move all in for his last 6,050 also. The blinds passed and the cards were tabled.

Cunz: K♥5♥
Chia: 6♠6♥

The board ran out 9♣9♥K♠5♠2♦ to see Cunz double through to over 8,600 as Chia slipped and was eventually eliminated a few hands later. — TD


Joachim Chia

4.55pm: Eights not lucky for Lin
Celina Lin found herself calling an opponent’s preflop all in holding 8♥8♠ to be in a race against his A♥Q♣.

The board ran out 6♦A♣5♠K♥5♣ to see Lin slip to around 17,600 in chips.

“I don’t want to lose races now” stated a visibly angry Lin before adding, “aren’t eights supposed to be lucky?” — TD

4.45pm: Level end
That’s it for level four. Level 5 will begin after a ten-minute break. — SY

4.40pm: Loon doubles
Alex Loon has doubled up to 50,000 – taking a 25,000 chunk out of Vladimir Geshkenbein (see below post). The Russian had opened for 750 and got one caller before Loon, a PokerStars sponsored player from Singapore, made it 2,400 – both the others called.

On the A♦K♦7♣ flop it was checked to Loon who made it 7,500. Geshkenbein then put out a tower of yellow 5,000 chips worth a total of 20,000, which forced one fold but Loon replied by putting the rest of his chips over the line – he was all in for around 25,000.

“Have you got a set?” asked Geshkenbein. “I’m on a flush draw.” Indeed, he was up against top set:

Loon: K♠K♣
Geshkenbein: 9♦4♦

The turn was 6♣ and river 3♥, meaning Loon dodged any unfortunate diamonds and doubled up to more than 50,000. Geshkenbein dropped back to 64,000. — SY

4.32pm: Geshkenbein soars to chip lead
On a board of 7♠3♣3♥10♣A♣ Vladimir Geshkenbein checked the action over to Marcel Luske on the button.

Luske held a fist up high in the air like he was about to slam it down on the table to check also, but quickly baulked and tossed in a bet of 1,500. Geshkenbein instantly check-raised to 4,000 and Luske made the call.

Geshkenbein tabled his A♠K♠ and Luske mucked his hand to slip to 18,000 as Geshkenbein soared to over 92,000 in chips. — TD


Vladimir Geshkenbein

4.21pm: Wu, Seet battle preflop
Easily one of the toughest tables in the tournament, table seven not only features some very good players, but also some very close friends.

Carl Christer Andersson, Daren Yoon, Raymond Wu, Nathanael Seet, Carlos Chang and Jessica Ngu have all had success on the local stage, and have spent many hours on the felt – both virtual and live – battling it out.

Consequently it was no surprise to eventually see two of the more aggressive players eventually tangle.

Raymond Wu opened to 750 from middle position only to have Nathanael Seet bump the action to 2,500 from the cutoff.

Wu took about thirty seconds before four-betting to 6,850 to put Seet into the tank.

Roughly four minutes ticked by before Seet eventually tossed his cards into the muck to slip to just above his starting stack while Wu climbed up to 47,000.

With three full levels to follow after the completion of this one it would be no surprise to see the chip leader finish the day on table seven! — TD

4.15pm: Aces cracked, new chip leader
Paul O’Brien has taken the chip lead after cracking Yosuke Sekiya’s aces. On a K♥7♣J♦ flop O’Brien checked and Skeiya moved all in for 21,000. O’Brien had K♣J♠ but made the call after a dwell that suggested he was pretty sure he was up against a set. But he was delighted to see Sekiya’s bullets, and his two pair held up with the 8♣ turn – and filled up to a full house on the J♣ river. — SY


Paul O’Brien

4.05pm: Ngu shows the way for the ladies
Jessica Ngu from Australia is up to 47,000 and enjoying herself on the same table as Team PokerStars Pro Raymond Wu. On a flop of 6♠9♥J♣, and with 15,000 in the pot already, she bet 7,000. Carl Andersson looked interested, trying the old: “How much have you got left,” routine. Upon hearing it was another 25,000 he decided to let it go. — SY


Jessica Ngu

3.52pm: Ivin looking good
On a board reading A♠9♦3♠6♣ Mike Ivin was faced with a bet of 3,200 into a pot of roughly 5,000.

Taking a few moments to deliberate, Ivin made the call to see the river land the 4♥ and a check follow from his opponent.

Ivin sat up in his chair and had a second look at the board before tossing out a bet of 9,000. His opponent tried to extract some information from Ivin with some inaudible banter, but after failing to get even the slightest movement from Ivin, he opted to fold his hand.

As Ivin raked in the pot he tabled his A♣A♥ for top set while moving to over 31,000 in chips.

Fresh off his second place finish at the recent ANZPT Sydney event, Ivin will be looking to add another notch to his poker CV that includes results from all over the world over the last twenty years. — TD

3.45pm: Luske takes it on the Chin
Marcel Luske is still on around 16,000, despite just doubling up Chin Wei Yeong. Yeong had flopped a set of queens, and that was always a mile ahead of the Dutchman’s A-K. Yeong up to 15,000. — SY


Chin Wei Yeong

3.44pm: Daoxing Chen falls
Last year’s third place finisher will no longer be waving the flag for the locals. On a board of [A][K][6][7] Daoxing Chen called off the last of his chips holding King-Queen, only to run into his opponent’s Ace-Queen.

The dealer was unable to deliver a King on the river and Chen – or BoBo as he is nicknamed – made his way to the rail for a disappointing early exit. — TD

3.40pm: Level four…
… is under way. Blinds are now up to 150-300 with a 25 ante. A piece of trivia – 8 is considered to be the lucky number in China, hence the buy-in for the high roller is 88,800. Today, by coincidence, we have 88 runners registered for the main event. Here’s a picture of Marcel Luske, currently on around 16,000….


Marcel Luske

PokerStars Blog reporting team eating noodles in Macau: Tim Duckworth and Simon Young. Photos by Joe Giron


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