APPT Macau: Lin can only grin

September 07, 2008

Celina Lin bows out of the APPT High Roller event.

PokerStars Sponsored Celina Lin has barely had time to catch her breath since arriving in Macau. Media calls, interviews, PR events – she’s even managed to squeeze in some time to play some poker.

However, her time at the table today was all too short as the Chinese-born Australian became the first player eliminated from the APPT High Roller event. With blinds at 50/100, APT Macau champion Yevgeniy Timoshenko raised to 300 from the button before Lin popped it to 1200. The Russian called and they saw a flop of 9h-4c-7c.

Then everything went haywire. Lin made it 1400, Timoshenko responded with a bet of 4500, Lin moved all-in and Timoshenko called. Lin showed pocket aces but was already trailing Timoshenko’s two-pair (9d-7d), and things only got worse when the Russian improved to a full house on the turn (9c), with the river a brick (3s).

After falling one spot short of the final table in the APPT Macau main event, David Steicke has picked up where he left off two days with a gut-wrenching call to take down a massive pot.

On a board of Kd-5c-6c-2d, Steicke bet 3500 into a pot of 14,000 before his opponent moved all-in. Showing the nerves of steel that have made him one of the closely watched players on the APPT, Steicke made the call and showed pocket sevens, and took down the pot when he made a set on the river against his opponent’s Ad-Jc, which missed the board completely. Team PokerStars Pro Barry Greenstein finished off the unfortunate victim two hands later.

It’s amazing to think that Steicke has been playing poker seriously for less than 12 months (last year’s APPT Seoul main event represented his tournament debut). Since then, he’s chalked up one APPT, one Aussie Millions and one WSOP final table (he finished third in this event last year). Not bad for a guy that doesn’t get near the respect at the table he deserves.


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