APPT Macau: Mills mucked, Gill gone, Lam lost

September 05, 2008

Media row has moved inside the ropes at the Grand Waldo for day 3 of the APPT Macau main event .

After three days of seemingly non-stop eliminations, play has slowed for the first time as we reach the business end of the APPT Macau main event.

At the end of level 16, two players were eliminated on the same hand, which allowed Ed Sabat to close on chip leader Diwei Huang.

Gill’s tournament is ended by Sabat.

On a flop of 8c-6c-Qd, Sabat bet, 30,000, Carter Gill moved all-in for almost 190,000, Charles Lam also moved in for 96,000 and Sabat called.

Gill showed Kc-Qh for top pair, Lam held Qc-3d for top pair with a worse kicker but Sabat’s pocket aces were well ahead, and with 4d-4c filling the board, Sabat now sits behind a stack that resembles the Great Wall of China.

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It took 40 minutes of level 17 until another player was sent to the rail. David Chiu’s raise to 18,000 was greeted with an all-in from Kenny Hicks for 90,000. Chiu called and showed Kc-Qc, but Hicks had his nose in front holding Ac-7h. But Chiu connected on the flop (8c-10d-Qd) to end the roller-coaster ride of Hicks.

Blinds are now up to 4000/8000 with a 1000 ante, with an early victim of the new level being PokerStars qualifier Adrian Mills from Ireland. The money was in before the flop, with Mills’ As-7s trailing the Ad-Ks of So Myung Kim. Both players improved to a pair of aces on the flop, but there was no more help for Mills who left the tournament in 15th place on the next hand after being left with just 4000 in chips.

So, that’s it: Mills is KOed by the Korean.

Huang leads on 910,000, followed by Sabat (730,000), Chua (700,000), Chiu (550,000) and Steicke (430,000). Joel Dodds is the short stack on 125,000. There are three PokerStars qualifiers still in the field – Sabat, Mark Walsh and Taneli Tiikkaja.

Recent eliminations and payouts

15 Adrian Mills (Ireland) HKD $101,145
16 Kenny Hicks (USA) HKD $101,145
17 Carter Gill (USA) HKD $75,860
18 Charles Lam (Hong Kong) HKD $75,860

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