APPT Macau: Not Steicke-ing around for the final table

September 05, 2008

The APPT Macau main event bubble has burst, with our unfortunate bubble-boy being Hong Kong trader, David Steicke. On a board of 7c-6c-Tc-As, Steicke found himself pot-committed and all-in with Jc7s; up against Tian Chen’s Ad3d. When the board blanked out with a 2h, Steicke became the 10th placed finisher, and elicited a collective sigh of relief from the remaining nine players, all of whom are guaranteed a payout of at least HKD $177,000 (USD $22,692.31).


David Steicke, came unstuck at the final hurdle

The frenetic pace of eliminations we have seen all day had barely slowed before the final table bubble, as the number of runners was reduced from 39 to 9 in just under five and a half hours; a very short day indeed!

Our 12th place finisher, Taneli Tiikkaja, a PokerStars qualifier from Finland, pushed his remaining 140,000 chips across the line with pocket tens, was called by the similarly short-stacked Mikael Rosen, who held A9 offsuit, and an ace on the flop put paid to Tiikkaja’s Chinese holiday.

Taneli Tiikkaja, fine Finnish form

In 11th position, four-time WSOP bracelet-winner, David Chiu, took a stand with QcJd on a flop of J-8-5 rainbow, but Kuok Cheong had Chiu reverse-dominated with Js8s. A seven on the turn and a three on the river, left Chiu two places short of the final table.

David Chiu, saying ciao to Macau

The remaining nine players are:

Diwei “Bryan” Huang, Singapore (1,046,000 in chips)
Eddie Sabat, Lancaster, CA, USA (1,001,000 in chips)
Tian Chen, Beijing, China (768,000 in chips)
Jeppe Drivsholm, Aalborg, Denmark (863,000 in chips)
Charles Chua, Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia (617,000 in chips)
Mikael Rosen, Karlskrona, Sweden (361,000 in chips)
Kuok Wai Will Cheong, Macau (334,000 in chips)
Javed Abrahams, London, UK (215,000 in chips)
So Myung Sim, Seoul, South Korea (118,000 in chips)

Recent eliminations and payouts:

10 David Steicke (Hong Kong) HKD $126,430 (USD $16,208.97)
11 David Chiu (USA) HKD $126,430 (USD $16,208.97)
12 Taneli Tiikkaja (Finland) HKD $126,430 (USD $16,208.97)


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