APPT Macau: Pros Still in with a Show

September 02, 2008

After Day 1A’s apparent curse on the Team PokerStars Pro and sponsored players, this morning’s lion dance appears to have done the trick in scaring off those nasty suckout spirits… second time lucky, you might say. While that’s probably no solace to yesterday’s fallen, those still standing during the last level of the day today are cheering.

Of the six Team PokerStars Pros and sponsored players to begin the day, only Van Marcus is now upstairs in the PokerStars Macau poker room, plying the side-game trade. The best performed player to this point is sponsored player, Elton Tsang, who has steadily chipped up during the day to 33,000, just behind the leaders. Chad Brown and Vanessa Rousso, sitting at adjacent tables, also have very similar stacks; holding 26,000 and 23,000 respectively.

Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier, despite his Joker attire and crazed expression, has been all seriousness when it comes to his play, and despite falling below 3,000 for a period of time, has recovered well to be holding 16,000 in chips. No doubt his tablemates will find their situation less and less funny the more ElkY’s stack grows.

As the day draws to a close however, the current chip leader is David Steicke, holding 68,000 after just eliminating David Saab. Steicke had earlier chipped up via the unfortunate Saab, and this time sealed his fate when his pocket Sixes hit the board hard, connecting with another Six and two Jacks, while Saab’s trip Jacks were sufficient to send him to the rail.

David Steike – chip leader… with thanks to David Saab

The closest player to Steicke, is American PokerStars qualifier, Dennis Waterman, who is sitting behind a stack of 56,000. With a little over 30 minutes left in the day, 80 players are left of the 184 who started, and increasing tightness is on display, as the tantalising promise of further riches lies just around the corner on Day 2.

Dennis Waterman – really looking like it is another day at the office

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