APPT Macau: Rahme removed; Myhre on the march

August 26, 2009

Team PokerStars Pro Raymond Rahme has been eliminated from the APPT Macau Main Event, ending his all-too-brief stay at PokerStars Macau and the Grand Lisboa Hotel and Casino.

The story of Rahme’s demise started with a raise from middle position to 800, Team PokerStars Pro Chris Moneymaker re-raised to 2800 in late position and Rahme called from the small blind. Both players checked the flop J♣ 8♦ 10♠; Moneymaker then led out for 3500 on the turn of the K♥.

Rahme pushed all-in for around 12,000 in chips and Moneymaker snap-called, tabling K♠ K♣ for a turned set. He reeled when Rahme rolled up A♥ Q♦ for the straight but the dealer peeled off the J♠ on the river, giving Moneymaker a full house. Rahme was bitterly disappointed but politely shook hands with Moneymaker and his other tablemates before quietly leaving the room.


That’s … not what I wanted to see, farewell Raymond Rahme

Nearby, we’ve seen a new chip leader emerge – he’s sitting behind a stack of chips almost as high as Macau Tower. Despite the slow rate of eliminations so far today (there are 85 players remaining as the end of level five approaches), Australian-based Norwegian Kristoffer Myhre has managed to claim several scalps on table six and is up to 132,000 in chips.


Sitting pretty: new chip leader Kristoffer Myhre

Tables are slowly being broken, which has created some interesting combinations. Reigning APPT Manila champion Van Marcus has been moved to table one with Moneymaker, while James Potter grinned ironically when moved next to his Grand Lisboa room-mate Dennis Huntly.

It’s a case of Myhre first and daylight second with PokerStars Qualifier Kris Cunz (50,000), China’s Winfred Yu (48,000), Dave Lee (45,000), Young Phan (35,000), Dennis Huntly (35,000), Daniel Neilson (34,000) and Hong Kong PokerStars Qualifier Phil Lau holding some of the bigger stacks.


Young Phan’s stack has been halved, but he’s still in good shape late on day 1B

In addition to Rahme, Singapore-based Aussie Aaron Benton, Team Asia pro Tae Joon Noh, Andrew Chen, Julian Powell and Steve Yea have been eliminated. Play has just ticked into level six (300/6000 with an ante of 50), with one more level to come before players call it a night.


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