APPT Macau: Steicke-ing in “The Spider’s” web

September 07, 2008

David “The Spider” Steicke

If the APPT had a “Rookie of the Year” award, it seems it would have to go to David Steicke. After only one year of tournament poker experience, the Australian-born trader continues to dominate the tournament floor here at the Grand Waldo Casino in Macau. Steicke was the 10th placed final table “bubble boy” in the main event, and his name was amongst the leaders almost the entire time. Nothing has changed in this high-roller tournament either; Steicke has rocketed to the top of the chip leaderboard, eliminating multiple opponents along the way. Such as been his dominance, the bloggers have started calling him, David “The Spider” Steicke, as opponents just keep getting stuck in his web.

Barry Greenstein silences David Saab’s tournament

In Team PokerStars Pro news, Barry Greenstein, after running into the brick wall that was Steicke, managed to recapture some of his chips courtesy of APT Singapore champion, David Saab. Saab went all-in pre-flop with 98 of diamonds, but was called by Greenstein’s pair of tens. The board gave no assistance to Saab, and Greenstein added 6,000 chips to his stack, improving him to 16,000.

Emad Tahtouh, tah-tah to the high-roller tournament

The news wasn’t so good for PokerStars sponsored Australian player, Emad Tahtouh, who has also been eliminated from the APPT Macau high-roller’s event. On a turned board of Jx-Jx-8x-Jx, Tahtouh check-raised his opponent with his last 11,000. After some time in the tank, the Australian called the clock on the other player, who appeared to translate it as a sign of weakness, calling instantly. Tahtouh wasn’t weak; he held Qx8x for a full house, but the pocket tens of his opponent means we’ll next be seeing the Melbourne resident at the APPT Auckland (he had wandered past us to say he won’t be going to Korea for the next APPT stop).


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