APPT Macau: Tough start for PokerStars qualifiers

September 05, 2008

Plenty of chips, generous structure, no pressure … but players still can’t wait to get their chips into the pot as the eliminations continue early on day 3 of the APPT Macau main event.

PokerStars qualifier Tom Carter from the US chased an early double-up to energise his short stack and got it in ahead with K-Q against Jung Hyun Choi’s J-10, but a jack on the turn sent Carter packing.

Jung Hyun Choi ends Tom Carter’s final table dream.

Swedish PokerStars qualifier Olle Lindberg followed soon after – again, he was ahead pre-flop with As-Jh against the Qh-5h of Irishman Mark Walsh but the board (3s-Ah-2c-4h-10d) gave Walsh the wheel and the pot.

The tournament of Denmark’s Michael Lindstrom ended when Adrian Mills’ A-K stayed in front of Lindstrom’s A-10 on a board of 8-2-5-Q-Q, while the last remaining female player Daisy Wain was scored in 35th position after Charles Chua made a set of sevens on the river to overtake Wain’s two-pair, aces and deuces.

Tyler Cornell’s elimination was soon followed by George Vassilopoulos after Carter Gill improved his pocket aces to a set against the Aussie’s two-pair nines and fours.

We can still hear PokerStars qualifier Michael Doodson bemoaning his poor fortune from the next level of the Grand Waldo Casino after he committed his short stack with pocket kings against Taneli Tiikkaja’s Qc-Jd. Doodson watched in horror as the flop came Qd-Qh-10h, with the board running out 9d-Ad. Yes Dorothy, they have bad beats in Macau too!

Finland’s Taneli Tiikkaja took out two players in the first level.

The Finn Tiikkaja just added another scalp to his belt when his nines won the race against Ming Chak Phil Lau’s K-J, the board falling 7s-10d-6d-Ah-6h.

With the clock ticking down to the end of level 15, already 10 of the 39 players have been eliminated. There will be a re-draw when 24 players remain.

Recent eliminations & payouts

30 James Bunner (Canada) HKD $63,215
31 Ming Lau (Hong Kong) HKD $63,215
32 Michael Doodson (Australia) HKD $63,215
33 George Vassilopoulos (Australia) HKD $50,570
34 Tyler Cornell (USA) HKD $50,570
35 Daisy Wain (USA) HKD $50,570
36 Michael Lindstrom (Denmark) HKD $50,570
37 Olle Lindberg Sweden) HKD $50,570
38 Tom Carter (USA) HKD $50,570
39 Ricky Lui (Australia) HKD $50,570


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