APPT Seoul Day 3: Looking for redemption

April 06, 2014

Is there anything worse than finishing second in a poker tournament?

Sure, being eliminated early on Day 1 isn’t the greatest and being the bubble boy definitely hurts, but to be oh-so-close to a victory really stings.

Ask Chane Kampanatsanyakorn and Ying Kit Chan.

Last year, Kampanatsanyakorn (say that three times fast) was staring down the barrel of an APPT victory. It was this very tournament, in fact, that Kampanatsanyakorn got down to the final two players. Kampanatsanyakorn could almost taste the victory.

Then Aaron Lim got in the way, ultimately stealing the championship right from under Kampanatsanyakorn’s feet. Although the ₩101,600,000 runner-up prize was a fine consolation prize indeed, Kampanatsanyakorn will likely always wander what could have been.


Chane Kampanatsanyakorn – runner-up of last year’s APPT Seoul

Another player who shares the pain with Kampanatsanyakorn is Ying Kit Chan. It was the 2012 ACOP Main Event that would see Chan finish in that bittersweet position that is runner-up.

Xing Zhou was Chan’s villain and the player who would go down in history as the champion. Interestingly Chan actually received the exact some prize payout as Zhou (US$457,807) as the two players made an even-money deal when heads-up. Even more interestingly the two players went all in blind on the final hand of action.

The massive amount of money, and the fact the two players went all in blind, certainly may have helped Zhou feel better about not winning the trophy, but in the end, Zhou will always be remembered as the victor and Chan will not.


Ying Kit Chan – runner-up of the 2012 ACOP Main Event

Both Kampanatsanyakorn and Chan are still alive as we are now down to the final two tables here at APPT Seoul. Kampanatsanyakorn has the third largest stack with 525,000 in chips, while Chan isn’t faring quite as well with 198,000.

We are still a long way off crowning our champion, but for Kampanatsanyakorn and Chan, today could end up being a story of redemption.


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