APPT Seoul Day 3: The final day is here

April 06, 2014

There are currently 24 players spread out among three tables. These are the final three tables in existence at the APPT Seoul Main Event. One of the players at these tables doesn’t know it right now, but they will become the latest Asia Pacific Poker Tour champion.

The one person who may be starting the final day with more confidence than any of the other 23 players is Jeff Holbrook. He’s the chip leader with a stack of 579,000 which puts him ahead by quite a large margin. Holbrook is a professional trumpet player, but might have to consider a career in poker if he wins APPT Seoul.


Jeff Holbrook is the all-important chip leader

The player closest to Holbrook, in terms of chip count, is one of the most prominent player of the final 24, Sam Cohen. While she doesn’t have any major tournament victories, Cohen can be found at the tables of many of the major poker tournaments around the world. The best result of Cohen’s career was when she finished 8th in the 2013 Aussie Millions Main Event. Cohen will kick of the final day of APPT Seoul with 417,000 in chips.


Sam Cohen is looking to win her first major title

Hobrook and Cohen aren’t the only players still contention for the APPT Seoul title. Guys like John Marshall (321,000), former APPT Seoul runner-up Chane Kampanatsanyakorn (281,000), Winfred Yu (244,000) and Kelvin “aces_up4108” Beattie (120,000) are also still alive and well and will be looking to secure the victory.

If Cohen is “one” of the most prominent players of the final 24, then Winfred Yu is
certainly the most prominent. Yu has more than US$1 million in tournament results on his resume, but he is probably better known for his exploits in helping organise some of the biggest tournaments and cash games in Macau. Yu hasn’t won a major title like an APPT but has every chance to do so today.


Winfred Yu would love to show his cash game buddies a nice APPT trophy

While the remaining 24 players should be focused on winning chips at the beginning of the final day, it’s not unlikely that in the back of their minds they are thinking about all the money they could win. Fair enough too considering there is ₩685,363,200 – more than US$650,000 – up for grabs.

At the moment the last surviving players have locked up ₩5,485,000. All of them will be hoping to win a whole lot more than that. How much more? Well, they will have to try their hardest to survive and thrive on the final day of action.

You can keep your eyes on the PokerStarsBlog today to find out who becomes the champion, locking up the title, taking home a beautiful trophy, and collecting ₩185,000,000 (~US$175,000). There will be live updates, and more, of the final day on the APPT8 Seoul page. Stay tuned!


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