APPT7 Cebu: Floating with a boat

May 03, 2013

“We wanted players to have fun and relax before Day 2,” said APPT Senior Regional Events Manager, Robin Lim.

To do that, Lim and APPT staff took players on a boat. It was a different kind of boat that poker players are used to. It wasn’t a five-card boat, it was a floating boat, and ocean boat, a boat boat.


A boat boat

There were three boats actually. At about 1pm yesterday 46 players — along with their friends, family and APPT staff — loaded up on a bus and went down to the pier.

Players were put on boats fully-equipped with lechón, grilled chicken and a large supply of San Miguel beer. Players then set off into the crystal clear waters of Cebu and made their way to a marine sanctuary.


There, players jumped into the ocean — multiple times — snorkeled and saw a different kind of fish than poker players are used to.


APPT photographer Kenneth Lim got to go along and snapped several shots of players enjoying this maritime adventure.

“I plugged my phone into the sound sytem, played some music,” Lim said. “The views were amazing and its great to break away from the casino.”

Players agreed and Robin Lim says the trip was a big success. Lim organized a trip to the Seoul tower last APPT and wants to keep providing players with a non-casino taste of the venues.


Qualify for the next APPT and get more than just a buy-in. Climb a tower, ride a boat and enjoy the sights, smells, tastes and feel of Asia Pacific.

For live updates of APPT7 Cebu, check our live-updates page.

Alexander Villegas didn’t get to go on the boat for the PokerStars Blog


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