APPT7 Cebu: Levels to people

May 04, 2013

We’ve been playing to levels and now we play to players.

Twenty-five players have come for Day 3 and we won’t stop until only 9 remain. Not only will we hit our final table today, we’ll be hitting some pesos. The final 20 players of this tournament will cash for guaranteed payday of PHP 141,000. That number will keep rising until only one player remains.

That sole-surviving stack will get the grand prize of PHP 3,948,000.

There are still 24 stacks left to bust before we reach that though and they’re all a mishmash of sizes and colors. The largest of those multi-colored stacks belongs to Daniel Spence, who’ll start the day with 260,800. The smallest of those stacks today belongs to Choi Young Su, with 22,100.


Jim Collopy (left) Daniel Spence (right)

While Spence is in a more desirable position, everyone has a shot.

Chip and a chair.

Other players with at least one chip and one chair include APPT Seoul runner-up, Chane Kampanatsanyakorn, with 146,400; Cebu Cup champion, Shingo Cho, with 151,700; and WSOP APAC bracelet winner, Jim Collopy, with 200,800. For a full list of chip counts and today’s seating chart, check out our live-updates page.


Play is about to begin soon and another day of poker in paradise will begin. And paradise will get a bit better for 20 more players, then a bit more for nine.

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Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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