APPT7 Cebu: Microphone bubble burst

May 04, 2013

Sometimes our hostesses over at PokerStars.TV seem to have a Midas touch. Every player they interview goes on to double-up, make the money and keep going. The more they interview them, the stronger they get until they dominate all the chips. Some days the complete opposite happens.

Today is one of those days.

Lynn Gilmartin caught up with two players before the start of the day and both were sent to the rail far earlier than they had anticipated. Gilmartin’s first interview of the day was with Aditya “Bitti” Agarwal.

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Aditya “Bitti” Agarwal

Agarwal started the day as one of the short stacks but had done his homework. He read up on the coverage and his opponents and was ready to be aggressive and build a stack. He was the first one out:

Agarwal missed out on his first major cash outside of India.

Then Gilmartin and the PokerStars.TV crew interviewed Ivan Tan. Tan has had a bit more experience on the international poker circuit with more than $250,000. Much of that cash from Tan’s runner-up finish in APPT Macau back in 2007.

Today, his plan was to cash, then to take it from there. Unlucky for him — and possibly due to Gilmartin’s cursed microphone — he became the APPT Cebu bubble.

Tan started the day near the middle of the pack with 140,800 but lost a big pot early on. It was a lengthy pot that involved four players preflop but then Andrew Nguyen bet 10,200 on the A♣8♣3♦ flop. The only player who called was Tan.


APPT7 Cebu bubble, Ivan Tan

There was a 7♦ on the turn, Nguyen bet 22,600 when checked to and Tan called. A 4♦ came on the river and Tan led out for 19,200. Nguyen raised to 66,200 and Tan eventually folded, flashing an A♦.

Tan the doubled up Shingo Cho in a flip. Tan’s black sevens were outdrawn by Cho’s A♣K♥ when an A♦ came on the flop. Cho fell after that, bringing us to the bubble. We had one double up and then Tan fell.

It was another flip for tan as he showed J♦J♠ to Milan Gurung’s A♣Q♦. The flip would take a bit longer to fall in his opponent’s favor as the board came K♦2♥5♣6♠Q♣, eliminating Tan on the river to a small mob of spectators.

Here’s the interview when Tan still had hope.

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