APPT7 Cebu: Regulars

May 02, 2013

The numbers are in and the players are playing.

Late registration for APPT Cebu Season 7 is now over and we ended up with a total of 158 players. As is standard for the APPT, Chinese, Australian, Korean and Japanese players showed in droves, repressing the majority of the field.

This is their turf, their tour.

Every country is welcome though, and one big country is starting to send a few more players every time, India. While Vivek Rajkumar might be India’s most recognizable — also its highest earner — player, he’s starting to get some company

One of these players is Abhishek Goindi, who currently stands 11th in India’s all-time money list. While Goindi has yet to score an APPT cash, he’s been making money across the Asian poker scene. Goindi won the High Roller at the Asian Poker Tour in Manila last year as well as a 2nd place finish in a Red Dragon for $136,245.


Goindi has also had another constant on the Asian poker scene, Celina Lin. Lin and Goindi have been seated at the same table for the past ten tournaments. The poker gods have deemed it fit to pair the two, and they occasionally clash.

Goindi discussed it in more detail with Lynn Gilmartin:

They started the day seated right next to each other and then Team PokerStars Pro Raymond Wu came to join the fun when his starting table broke. But the two team pros have seen their exit since then.

Celina Lin lost a flip and then lost another when she was short-stacked. Faced with a raise from the hijack, Lin moved all-in for about 5,000 from the big blind. Lin showed A♦J♠ and her opponent showed two black nines.

The flop didn’t help Lin and she was free to go enjoy Cebu. Then WSOP APAC bracelet winner Jim Collopy took her seat.

Raymond Wu wouldn’t survive the table either.


Raymond Wu, pensive in Cebu

Wu went all-in with K♥10♥ while hiss opponent turned over A♣Q♦. The board came 6♦7♦9♦J♠10♦ and Wu was eliminated. This now leaves Bryan Huang as the last Team PokerStars Pro standing. Huang finished yesterday with 19,800 and will come back tomorrow for more poker.

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