APPT7 Cebu: Table views

May 05, 2013

The final table has dwindled down to three.

But before we continue to provide you with the chip carnage that’s been going down at the final table, how about a picture of unity. The final nine players were all ecstatic when last night came to a close. They were one of nine players with a shot at APPT glory.

They all sat down at about noon today for the last time at APPT7 Cebu. The floor redrew last night so it was the first time they were seated in their final table formation:


We posted profiles on all nine final tablists and PokerStars.TV made a video introduction of all the players. We’re also working on an interpretive dance performance about the final table but the release isn’t scheduled until 2022.

Here’s Lynn Gilmartin and the final table before Simba’s destruction hit:

After dealing all the eliminations until 6th place, Simba became more generous to the kingdom on the felt. He doubled up two players and allowed someone else to deal a final table elimination.

Simba had crossed the 2 million chip mark when we got down to five players and then we had an unlikely elimination between two friends. Spence and Karlsson celebrated together last night and were now seated next to each other.

They had been talking and laughing during the final table and then they played a big pot together.

Spence had double through Simba but was still short. He moved all-in for 100,000 and Magnus Karlsson called. The Swede showed A♦Q♣ while his at-risk Canadian friend showed 8♦5♦. There was a queen on the turn and another elimination.


Daniel Spence is out in 5th

Daniel Spence was out in 5th place and won PHP 917,000 for his first major tournament performance. There are no hard feelings between the two as Spence has taken to the rail and is now loudly cheering on Magnus.



The number of final table eliminators doubled, and then it tripled.

Anthony Wright had been fairly low-key during the final table. He started the day with 412,000 and had been chipped down to about 150,000 but still wasn’t the shortest stack. Collopy had some brutal clashes with Simba and was down to even less.


4th place finisher, Jim Collopy

In Collopy’s last hand, Wright raised, Collopy shoved and Wright called. Both small stacks were in the middle with big hands. Collopy turned over queens but Wright had aces. The board was low and Collopy was out in 4th place, adding PHP 1,128,000 to his already extensive poker resume.

Simba now has about 2 million while Karlsson holds 700,000 and Wright is near 300,000.

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