APPT9 Aussie Millions Day 3: Levy hoping third time’s a charm

January 29, 2015

Tell someone you finished 13th of 681 entrants in a world-class $10,000 buy-in poker tournament and they might say “congratulations!”

Say that just a couple of years later you finished 15th of 659 in the same event and they might exclaim that it was excellent effort to make it so deep on two occasions.

For a poker players, however, these kind of results are agonizing.

That was certainly the case for prominent Australian player Grant Levy who made it oh so close to the final table of the Aussie Millions Main Event in both 2009 and 2012.

Luckily he has a third chance for glory here in 2015 as he is still alive nearing the bubble.


Grant Levy

There is no doubt that those results would be in the back of Levy’s mind as he is kicking along and grinding away on a tough table that includes reigning champ Ami Barer, Billy Argyros and Mike McDonald.

“Those two deep runs in this tournament were pretty painful,” Levy tells us during a break.

“If you make the final two tables and don’t make the final table where all the money actually is, it’s definitely annoying.”

Levy thinks of the first deep run in this event as the most upsetting.

“The first one was such a big opportunity because the field was a little soft at that point and it was just losing a huge flip that got me out.”

“That one hurt.”

Poker – the only game in the world where you could win $75,000 and be bitterly disappointed.


Grant Levy won APPT Sydney in 2007

Things might be different for Levy this time around.

He’s taken a break from poker and he’s feeling fresh.

“I got back from EPT Barcelona in August and was just burnt out.”

“Actually even on the way there I was dragging my arse a bit.” I don’t think I really want to go and if someone doesn’t want to go somewhere like Barcelona, there’s a problem and maybe they should have some time off.”

“Having the time off has been great. I was really keen to come down last week and I haven’t had that keenness for a long time. This time I was actually really excited about playing.”

Levy will be even more excited this year if he can get the monkey off his back and make the final table.


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