APPT9 Aussie Millions Day 5: Final fight for glory

January 31, 2015

Seven players had 1.6 million reasons to sleep like babies last night. Those same reasons may have also kept them up in a nervous sweat. Regardless, today is the day they fight it out for the 2015 Aussie Millions Main Event title.


Feigned faces of confidence or legitimate calm composure?

There are perhaps two perspectives the players can take into today:

The positive perspective: Each have locked up an amazing $160,000 for making it through the total field of 648 and onto today’s final table. Irrespective of what happens, that’s a lot of money and life is good.

The pessimistic perspective – Finishing in any position other than first is like losing $1.6 million.

Pessimistic might not be the right word for this one, however.

Maybe ‘determined’ is more apt.

And there is no doubt all seven will be determined to do the best they can and maybe even get lucky along the way.

To kick action off it’s the United Kingdom’s James Rann with the chip lead.


James Rann will like his chances as the final table chip leader

Rann begins the final table with 4,085,000 in chips. He is an online pro with only a few live results on his resume. No matter where he finishes today Rann will post his largest result. He will either smash his record by six-figures or seven-figures and we know which he would prefer.

At the other end of the spectrum is Brian Rast. Not only in terms of chip count, but also in experience and live tournament scores.

Rast starts the final table with 1,185,000 in chips which is just a little behind fellow American pro Richard Lyndaker.

What Rast lacks in chips, however, he makes up for in experience. He’s been on a stage this big before. He’s posted three scores of seven-figures and 15 of at least six-figures.

If Rast gets chips, he will dangerous.


Brian Rast will be looking to start strong at the final table

The other five players, however, will be doing all they can to ensure this ends up being their glory story.

The local crowd will be gunning for the glory of one of the two Australians remaining in the field, Anthony Legg and Manny Stavropoulos. These two represent contrasting eras of poker players.

Stavropolous the consummate veteran live grinder, Legg the young online crusher.

Then we have New Caledonia’s Joel Douaglin and Germany’s Lennart Uphoff.

They might not have the local crowd like Stavropolous and Legg, but they both have plenty of spirit and have shown they are tough competitors at the felt.

Learn more about each player with our Aussie Millions final table player profiles.

The final table is scheduled to commence at 12:15pm local time, but with the conclusion being filmed for television, you can expect a delay or two. All you need to know is to keep your browser locked on the APPT9 Aussie Millions page on PokerStarsBlog we bring you extensive coverage of the final day of action.


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