APPT9 Aussie Millions Day 5: Slow start before first fallen

February 01, 2015

Sure, $160,000 is a lot of money but when you’ve had more than 36 hours to let it sink in and all you can think about is $1.6 million, the amount perhaps starts to shrink in your mind.

This is maybe one of the reasons the Aussie Millions Main Event final table started so slowly.

Nobody wanted to be that first player out. No one wanted to win just the $160,000 that they have known they were guaranteed for two days now.

Someone had to be eliminated eventually, however, and on this occasion it was the USA’s Richard Lyndaker who was sent home in 7th place.


Richard Lyndaker was the first one out at the final table

Not surprisingly, Lyndaker did his best to avoid being sent home, even managing an early double up with A♠4♦ in the big blind after big-stack German Lennart Uphoff got aggressive with a shove in the small blind holding 4♥3♠.

Lyndaker was up to a little under 2 million in chips at this point.

They wouldn’t last long.

He found A♣A♦ and got his chips all in preflop against Uphoff with 6♠6♥ and ran into an unfortunate 6♦7♣8♥4♠K♦ board.

The set to sixes were Lyndaker’s demise and Uphoff’s rise as he’s up to 7 million in chips with blinds at 40,000/80,000.


Six-handed chip leader Lennart Uphoff

As the 7th place finisher, Lyndaker pocketed $160,000 which is the third largest score of his career as a professional poker player and is added to the more than $1.3 million on his resume.

This also becomes Lyndaker’s largest result on Australian soil, trumping the 5th place he posted in the $5,000 Six-Max event at last year’s Aussie Millions.

The remaining six players are now grinding it out with a little piece of mind that they have locked up $75,000 more than the came into the day with.

Lyndaker, meanwhile, should maybe consider unwinding with a trip down to the famous Bells Beach just an hour out of Melbourne. That’s what hostess Sarah Grant did yesterday and it looks like a hoot. Check It out.

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