APPT9 Aussie Millions Day 5: Up Against the crowd

February 01, 2015

Bang! Bang!

Two quick eliminations following the dinner break and it’s down to heads-up play between Manny Stavropoulos and Lennart Uphoff.

And boy is Uphoff up against it.

Not in terms of chip stacks. Actually, that’s where Uphoff has the avantage.

What we are referring to is the rail. To say Stavropoulos has all the support is an understatement. His rail is rowdy and rearing to go, shouting, chanting and cheering for every Manny moment.

Stavropoulos is going to need the support too considering he has a two-to-one chip deficit to begin heads-up play.

Regardless of how this goes, both players will be posting million-dollar scores with $1 million flat for the runner-up and $1,600,000 for the eventual champion.

That, plus the championship bracelet and the glory of winning the Aussie Millions Main Event.


Straight to the pool room with that trophy. Dont have one? Buy one with the money

The heads-up battle came to be when James Rann was eliminated in 4th place and Joel
Douaglin in 3rd.

Rann hit the rail when he open-shoved his stack of around 15 big blinds holding 2♣2♠ and couldn’t compete against Uphoff’s J♦J♣.

Rann took home $430,000 for that effort.


James Rann – 4th place

Douaglin was the short stack for much of the evening and ultimately made a move with 8♥2♦ on a 7♣10♥8♦ flop only to have Uphoff call with K♠10♠.

Dougalin’s middle pair needed help against Uphoff’s top pair and it never came as the K♣ turn gave Uphoff two pair and the A♥ river wasn’t the eight Douaglin needed to survive.

Douaglin scored $630,000 for that result, which makes him the all-time tournament money earner from New Caledonia.


Joel Douaglin – 3rd place

Here is how the stacks looked to begin heads-up:

Lennart Uphoff – 12,535,000
Manny Stavropoulos – 6,870,000

Keep your eyes on the APPT9 Aussie Millions page for all the updates and to find out who is crowned the champion!


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