Lex Veldhuis has had more big Sunday scores in 2019 than we’ve had hot dinners. Either he’s playing great and enjoying a heater, or we really need to fix the microwave.

Last night (Sunday 10th Feb) saw Veldhuis secure yet another big payday, chopping the Bigger $109 with online legend “girafganger7” to win $19,155. This is the third consecutive Sunday post-PSPC that Lex has won or chopped a “major” event on PokerStars.

Just look at these results:

• 2nd place in the Bigger $109 – $19,155 (Feb 10)
• 1st place in the $109 Sunday Starter – $5,722 (Feb 3)
• 1st place in the Sunday Warm-Up – $34,690 (Jan 27)

And he achieved them all while streaming live on his Twitch channel. Last night there were 18,000 beakers in the chat. Incredible.

We’ve compiled some of the best clips from Lex’s run below. Enjoy.


Yesterday’s $125K Gtd Bigger $109 attracted 1,528 entries, creating a $152,800 prize pool that would be split across the final 251 players.

Lex, who was in for one bullet, reached the final table but was short-stacked with seven players left. He received a boost when he eliminated “AadrovanRj21” in seventh place though:


“Yes! Yes! Yes!”

The A♠9♠ once again proved to be a valuable hand shortly thereafter, when Lex turned a flush versus “sergewiceq” and found the perfect river to get paid off on.


“Oh my goodness, what a river.”

Down to the final three, Lex picked up pocket tens and was flipping against “sergewiceq” with ace-king. As you’ver probably guessed, the result was favourable.


“What a flip!”

After “sergewiceq” was eliminated in third, Lex and “girafganger7” paused play to make an ICM deal that secured paydays of $19,155 and $20,938, respectively. It was the first deal Lex has ever made on stream, and he needed a bit of help remembering how the whole process worked:


“This is the first time I’m chopping!”

With nothing left to play for but the glory, the two found decent hands to get it all-in with and it things came to a swift end.


“Guys, we won $19K!”

“Team, we f**king did it. We won $19.1K. We’ve got 18,000 people in here, still. And the stream has gone on for 14 hours!”


“Unbelievable. What a Sunday stream.”

Keep it going Lex.

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