As WCOOP rages, Twitter Poker League rolls on

September 14, 2011


With the WCOOP action heating up this weekend at the tables, with the marquee $200 and $500 NLHE events – you might think that the Twitter Poker League was overshadowed or forgotten about. You’d be wrong though, as another solid field of 765 players was had this week. Generating a prize-pool of equal measure, to be divided among the top 117 places – with a first place prize of $138.32!

Two of last week’s top four finishers “monokrex” and “Fish_Marius” returned to take on the bounty challenge. Where 300FPP would be awarded to whomever knocked them out! After running his A♣Q♥ into “waitat”‘s A♥A♠ “Fish_Marius” was only left with T$396 5 hands later the two players battled it out again, this time A♠J♥ in a flip vs. 2♥2♦, the pocket pair held up and “Fish_Marius” was eliminated (below) – and “waitat” claimed the 300FPP bounty.

83 bounty 1.PNG

The second of our bounty players “monokrex” fared a little better, and even made the money this week. However once in the money very little fight was put up as he was slowly blinded out eventually being stacked by the 4♣4♦ of “cdazul” as seen below. Sometimes when you’re just trying to get a few more points the right thing to do is fold into the money, but by doing so you throw away the chance to make the final table again.

83 bounty 2.PNG

Typically on the second break of the Twitter Poker League (2 hours in) we are very close to the money, often on the bubble. This week’s game was a little different, as play went hand for hand at the same time as the break was announced, during that time “CRAZY MAX85” of Russia was eliminated in 118 place. Just one spot shy of the money, meaning that when players returned from the break each of them would have cashed and therefore gained a minimum of 5 points on the Season 8 Leaderboard.

It’s always entertaining to see how tight play is around the bubble, compared to moments afterward, within the next hour we were down to just three tables with less than 27 players competing for their chance at the final table! Things tightened up again with 12 players remaining, but eventually the final 9 were assembled (below).

83 final table.PNG

“bra boy84”, “boyz568”, “JimKnopf42” and “Nurrus” were essentially all even in chips at 165k-170k as play started on the final table so it was going to be a pretty even fight. It wasn’t long before we lost our first player, when the A♥K♣ of “bra boy84” beat the A♠Q♠ of “al-thebal1”. Just one hand after that “Dimetrik1” was knocked out in ei8th place when the K♣10♦ of “Nurrus” got the better of his top pair by the time the turn was reached, he held K♥Q♣ on the eventual board of 7♥Q♦J♣ A♦ 2♥. “Nurrus took down the T$300k pot with the nut straight and we now had 7 players remaining.

Next to go was “Nurrus” despite that huge pot, he was involved in one of those hands that you just can’t get away from. He held A♦Q♥ vs. “bra boy84” and re-raised him pre-flop, “bra boy84” called with 10♥10♦ and when the flop came 4♦10♣A♠ both players were delighted to get the money in. Sadly for “Nurrus” he was drawing incredibly thin, and the turn 3♠ had him drawing dead. This was easily the most pivitol pot of the night giving “bra boy84” over T$600k – more than the rest of the players combined!

Six handed play didn’t last at all long, “bra boy84” ramped up the aggression and began to run over the table. Swiftly eliminating the shorter stacks, “Phefz” and “viko73” in 6th and 5th place respectively. Be sure to take note of the final four players “janeebla666”, “Jimknopf42”, “boyz568” and “bra boy84” as next week each of them will have a 300FPP bounty on their heads. Knock them out of the tournament to claim the prize.

From four-handed play down to the final hand it only took 30 hands for “bra boy84” to claim the victory this week, making this by far the fastest final table in Twitter Poker League history. “Jimknopf42” was unable to bring himself to fold K♦K♣ on the 9♣6♣A♥ flop and finished in 4th place to the A♠J♠ of “bra boy84” who was still the overwhelming chip leader. Ace-Jack was also the hand that saw the end of “boyz568” in a blind vs. blind raising war. “boyz568” held K♠9♦ and even picked up a flush draw by the turn, but on a board of 5♠2♦3♦ 6♦ Q♥ it was all over.

Heads up play took place between “janeebla666” who held around 200,000 in chips at the time, but with over 950,000 chips “bra boy84” had a significant advantage and won the duel in just six hands! The key one being when the two of them got it in as a flip with A♠9♣ vs. the 8♦8♣ of “bra boy84”. The chip leader flopped a full house, and turned four of a kind – what an incredible way to end the tournament!

83 final hand.PNG

Registration is already open for Week 4 and can be found easily with the tournament ID: 432212739 with 5 weeks left this season – it’s still anyone’s game. Come join in with the action and be sure to follow the twitter conversation with the #tpoker hash-tag.


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