In the latest episode of Poker In The Ears, Hartigan and Stapes are joined by PokerStars Blog’s own Martin Harris, teacher, writer and author of the award-winning book “Poker & Pop Culture”.

First it’s time for a quick TV catch up (3:31), plus a hand history from James (6:30) involving a classic nightmare spot – the nut flush on a double paired board.

The boys recap their recent EPT Retro Season 4 coverage (11:38), and are also back on TV, with episodes of the PSPC currently airing on Channel 4 in the UK and Ireland. In poker news this week (16:50), the WSOP 2020 has been officially postponed. Players can still enjoy WSOP online events throughout the summer.

Next it’s time to welcome Martin Harris to the show (17:33). Martin is a writer here at the PokerStars Blog, and possibly one of the most knowledgeable people in the world on the subject of poker (though he wouldn’t admit it). Harris discusses his book, Poker & Pop Culture: Telling the Story of America’s Favorite Card Game, which was a decade in the making before its recent release.

The conversation moves on to poker in the movies (22:53), a subject Martin is well qualified to discuss, given that his book references over 130 poker films. Harris also explains why cheating is so often a part of the depiction of poker in popular culture – how foul play can add to the conflict and drama, as well as how this depiction can reflect cultural perspectives. This leads Joe to ask the question, “Is Rounders good for the game of poker?” (30:15).

Of course, Martin can’t leave the show without playing Joe’s stupid game (42:03), a quiz on pops, popping and pop-related things.

The podcast finishes up with Ken Miller taking on Joe in a Ghostbusters themed edition of Superfan Vs Stapes (49:02).

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