EPT11 Grand Final: Back from hospital in one piece, Lasse Frost plays on

May 04, 2015


lasse_frost_main_4may15.jpgFeeling better: Lasse Frost returns to the Main Event after collapsing earlier today
Nicholas Chouity could only roll his eyes as Lasse Frost took another pot from him, the second of the level. In the first the Dane had bluffed him with eight-high. This time he showed pocket sevens, which had become a set on the river. Chouity could hardly contain himself.

“Did I need it?” asked Frost.

“Yeah,” replied Chouty, after taking a moment to compose himself.

But if anyone could use a break today Frost has a good claim to it. Right now we’re playing into level 14, the last of the day. But earlier there was some question as to whether Frost would make it through the day at all. Not for chip reasons, but after he collapsed in the first break and was taken to hospital. He subsequently reappeared a few hours later, returning to his stack which had been blinded off in his absence. Now he was back at work.

“How much did you have when you were blinded out?” asked Nick Petrangelo.

Frost said he’d had 55,000 when he fell ill, to the surprise of the others at his table who had no idea about his earlier escapades.

“I didn’t understand French,” he said when asked what the hospital staff said. “And they didn’t understand English.”

Poker players are a stoic bunch, and Frost told the story with appropriate coolness, rolling back his sleeve to reveal an ECG pads stuck to his wrist. “I have these all over me,” he said.

Evidently Frost had been on his way to the bathroom at the break when he got a strange feeling in his stomach. While he noticed this he also realised he couldn’t keep his eyes open and before he knew it the light went out. Actually the next lights he would see would be those on the ambulance that took him to hospital.

But now he’s back, and it’s Nick Chouity feeling bad.

Petrangelo tried to imagine the frustration of not being able to get back to his chips.

“Not my main concern to be honest,” said Frost, looking much better than we assume he did a couple of hours ago. “When I felt fine, yeah, you’re right.”

Given his current table, Frost might be forgiven for thinking he was better off back in the hospital, with Petrangelo and Chouity joined by Ami Barer, Liviu Ignat, Johnny Lodden and Shyam Srinivasan. But he seemed prepared to take his chances, and as the sevens proved his luck might just have turned.

As far as his health is concerned we hope that’s the case. As for his stack, that’s now up to 75,000.

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Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.


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