Barry Greenstein’s Masterclass

November 21, 2007

Team PokerStars Pro Barry Greenstein is as much a teacher as he is a poker player. From his book “Ace on the River” to his much-chronicled tutelage of son Joe Sebok, Greenstein gives of himself from a spring of poker knowledge in ways that most pros deem either tiresome or antithetical to their goal of winning all the money in the world. To boot, Greenstein is no slouch in his tournament game. I spent most of this year’s World Series chasing Robin Hood all over the tournament floor as he played in event after event–some at the same time. [See: Seventeen Steps with Barry Greenstein]

Recently, Greenstein put on a masterclass at PokerStars with the goal of helping people get inside his head a little better and improve their game in the process. Out of 31 World Series cashes, Greenstein has made the money in eleven different disciplines of poker. Add his final table appearance at this year’s $50,000 World Series HORSE event, and it’s pretty clear why Greenstein and PokerStars chose a HORSE SNG as the masterclass setting.

For 60,000 FPP, seven players sat down to compete for a $7,500 prize pool and a chance to see Greenstein’s hole cards at every opportunity he had to show them. Greenstein, meanwhile, offered to discuss his hands with the players and donate anything he won to the Children, Incorporated charity.

The results, while meaningful, may not be as important as what the other players and you can learn from seeing the entirety of the SNG replayed with all the hole cards exposed. Beginning Saturday and lasting for one week, PokerStars will broadcast the replay for all to see. You’ll be able to find it under the Tourney/Freeroll tab in the PokerStars lobby.

So as not to spoil it for everybody, I have posted the results below in white font. You can highlight the blank spot below to see who won if you like.

1. Barry Greenstein $3,750.00 (donated to charity)
2. Supa4real $2,250.00
3. The Grinder $1,500.00
4. bd3109
5. Aryamehr
6. Entropy xx
7. xthesteinx
8. -db-

If you are interested in participating in an upcoming Barry Greenstein Masterclass, PokerStars will be running another one in February. Stay tuned for more information.


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