Big week for TPL

July 21, 2011


A solid turnout was had this week for the Twitter Poker League, with 722 players taking to the tables. 108 of them would make the money, claim at least 5 leaderboard points and the eventual winner would receive $131.17.

As usual last week’s top four finishers had a 300FPP bounty place on their heads, which would be awarded to whoever knocked them out this week. “superpesho”, “TCleiton”, “hsv franky” and last week’s winner “[OhotniK]ent” were each offered the opportunity to return to the Twitter Poker League felt with 300FPP bounties on their heads. “” was the only one of them to return to take on that challenge, and was eventually knocked out in the hand below.

83 bounty hand.PNG

Congratulations to “gordoases07” who won the 300FPP bounty by winning the side pot, by having “hsv franky” covered. “rimtis99” picked up a nice triple up there too, propelling him back up to average chips.

Not long after that we reached the second break, and with around 120 players remaining we were closing in on the money bubble. Sadly for “tolomalo” it wasn’t to be, as they finished in 109th place and was the Twitter Poker League bubble boy. Everyone else left in picked up a guaranteed $1.51 and a minimum of 5 more points on the leaderboard. No matter whether you finish 10th or 108th you get 5 points, which creates quite an action packed latter half of the game each week. Unless you’re fussed by the small pay jumps along the way, a ‘make or break’ strategy is often employed. A little over an hour later and we had out final table, which looked a little something like this:

8 3 FT.PNG

As play started at the final table, “snaggerjo” held a slight lead over “Harmonica007” & “$meinpot24$” but it was “p1kes” who was the clear table captain with 215k. Big congratulations for “$meinpot24$” for making his second final table in as many weeks, he came 2nd in Week 1 this Season. Regardless of where he finished, he’d easily take the top spot on the leaderboard.

The first casualty was “curioso13” who shoved T$50,000 with 9♦9♣ over “qkj_” who had opened for T$10,000. “qkj_” quickly called with 10♥10♦. The board ran out 3♥5♦4♦ J♠ 10♠ bringing a swift end to “curioso13″‘s run. He finished in 9th place for $9.24 and collected 10 points for the leaderboard. Ei8hth place this week went to “gobelondo” of Spain, when his shove UTG with A♠J♣ couldn’t win in a flip vs. 6♦6♥. He left with $15.95 and 11 points. “peredas711” bust in 7th place this week, after an unfortunate bout of bad luck. He got it all in preflop as a big favourite with A♣10♠ vs. the A♥5♥ of “$meinpot24$” – the board was dealt A♦3♦9♥ Q♥ 10♥ bringing a grizzly runner runner flush for the Week 1 runner up. “peredas711” received 12 points and $22.74 for his efforts.

Six-handed play was brought to an end when former chip leader “p1kes” who picked up $29.96 and 13 leaderboard points when he bust in 6th. He got it all-in with A♠K♠ in a big flip vs. the J♠J♥ of “Harmonica007”, the flop 5♠6♦2♠ bought the nut flush draw, but the turn 10♣ and river Q♣ were of no help. A very quiet “te la picas” finally made a move when he shoved UTG with 9♣9♥ only to run into the big blind’s pocket Queens. No nine fell and on a board of 10♦2♦3♠ A♠ 5♠ he left in 5th place for $37.18 and 14 leaderboard points.

This left the final four players, “Harmonica007”, “qkj_”, “$meinpot24$” and “snaggerjo” and they will therefore be next week’s bounty players, so make a note of their names. “$meinpot24$” was unable to best his Week 1 result, as he finished in 4th place this week, for $ and 15 leaderboard points. He shoved first to act with A♠3♦ and ran into the A♦10♦ of “snaggerjo” who made a flush by the river on a board of Q♦9♦9♥ 2♣ 5♦. Don’t feel too bad for him though he’s now well and truly at the top of the Season 8 leaderboard with 34 points, 2nd place “snaggerjo” only has 25 points!

One hand later two aces were found blind vs. blind all the money went in preflop and “snaggerjo” was way ahead with A♥K♦ vs. the short stacked “qkj_” who held A♠2♣. Unsurprisingly the bigger ace came out on top, after the cards were dealt; J♥5♦9♠ 9♦ K♥ and “qkj_” finished in 3rd place for 16 leaderboard points and $70.39. Heads up play lasted just three hands, and came to an abrupt end when the monster chip leader snap called with Q♦Q♥ vs. the shove from “Harmonica007” who held Q♣J♠. The last board of the night was dealt 2♦K♣8♥ 4♦ 5♠ and changed nothing. 18 points and $93.86 were awarded to “Harmonica007” and 20 points and $131.17 were given to “snaggerjo” for the victory.

We’re not even half way through this Season of the Twitter Poker League, so it’s certainly not too late to take part. Head on over to // for all the information, and be sure to follow @tpokerstars on twitter for all the latest information and coverage of the tournaments.


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